Man enjoying an apple gets visit from a hungry deer who brings her babies along

February 10th, 2021

Encountering wild animals can be an amazing experience.

Of course, you need to be careful and respect the animals that you are interacting with.

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When one man sat down on a log to eat an apple, a few deer decided to come and join the man for a snack.

He was hiking in a forest in Canada where hunting deer has been prohibited.

Because of this, the deer have become much more associated with humans and have largely lost their fear of them.

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It takes just one crispy snap of an apple bite to get the deer running up towards the man.

He seems happy enough to share his apple with them, tossing bits and pieces to them as he snacks on his own portion of the fruit.

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It should be noted, however, that feeding wild animals isn’t a great idea.

Not only is it potentially harmful to the animals, but you can also put yourself in danger as well.

When an animal starts to expect food, it can get aggressive with humans when they don’t feed them anything.

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Either way, the viewers of this video were more than happy to see this man feeding the wild deer.

One commenter said:

“What a beautiful, magical experience! That lucky, lucky man!”

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The experience truly does seem a bit magical.

Deer are usually very wary of humans, and even these familiarized deer still look skeptical when the man offers them a piece of his apple.

What’s even more incredible is that the mother deer (called does) actually bring their fawns over to the man so that they can get a piece of the apple to snack on as well.

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According to the video caption, this type of activity is very rare.

It says:

“This man waited until the deer were very close and he began eating an apple and throwing pieces on the ground. The deer ran to share it with him. The surprising part was that they actually brought their fawns over too.”

A doe is very protective of her offspring, so the fact that she allowed them to get so close is really something special to see.

“Does typically hide their fawns in the long grass, often separately, in order to protect them from predators…Fawns are always watching their mother and she will use a complex set of tail and ear movements to communicate with them…This man had an incredibly rare treat as she brought her fawns very close.”

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The forest that the man is in looks very lush and beautiful.

Usually, when you find a place like that, you try and keep it a secret so that it will stay pristine and untouched.

However, one YouTube commenter decided to let others know where they thought the spot was.

“If I’m not mistaken, he’s in Apsley, on Jack Jake. It’s located just off Hwy 28, an hour north of Peterborough, ON. I’ve been there many times. The deer are only a little skittish, and they warm up to nice people quite quickly. It’s a little piece of paradise. The sanctuary is real but it doesn’t get advertised or even well signed. The village of Apsley likes it that way.”

If you do choose to go, be sure to respect the area and leave it better than you found it.

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