Man and donkey cry with joy when reuniting after two months of quarantine

May 25th, 2020

During lockdown, many of us have had to separate ourselves from family, friends, and loved ones for the sake of everybody’s safety. The thought of getting through the time apart and being able to see your favorite people again is enough to help us through these difficult times. But what happens if one of your loved ones is actually a donkey, and you’re forced into lockdown miles away from her?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to one man from Baldomera, in Malaga, Spain. Spain is one of the countries that has begun to lift certain lockdown rules, such as being able to travel within the country. This means that although many local residents still cannot visit family or friends, there are certain reunions that can happen.

And this one involving a man and his donkey is one of our favorites so far.

When Malaga’s lockdown restrictions were eased, the first thing Ismael Fernández did was go and visit his family farm, where one very special animal was waiting for him. He had been self-isolating for almost a month, in a place that was located around twenty miles from his beloved donkey, Baldomera. His brother looked after his furry friend for him and kept him updated through video chats, but for Ismael, it can’t have compared to seeing Baldomera in real life.

When Ismael finally arrived at the field, he had no idea how Baldomera would react, but he decided to film their reunion to be able to look back on in later years. And after watching the emotional footage ourselves, we’re so glad he did!

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Ismael posted his adorable video onto Instagram, where it immediately went viral with over 19,000 views and 2,000 likes. He has since shared more adorable snaps and videos of the pair together, and we’re living for it.

The video begins with Ismael approaching the field in El Borge and shouting his donkey’s name. After a couple of seconds, Baldomera trots quickly towards him and Ismael laughs with joy. She walks right up to the fence and sticks her head over to allow her owner to pet her, and then, overcome with emotion, she begins to bray as Isamel sobs with happiness.

Ismael spoke about the beautiful moment on Facebook, saying:

“I am not ashamed that you hear me cry because here is one of the most unconditional demonstrations of love that exist.”

We completely agree. Watch the emotional video below and make sure you have some tissues handy!

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