Man hears scratches and then sees tiniest owl flying into his living room
The owl had decided that Rory was his new best friend.
Elijah Chan

Friendship can bloom out of the most unexpected of places.

A local construction contractor from New Zealand made the airwaves after his story of friendship went viral, spurring warm appreciation from people all over the world.

YouTube Screenshot - Newshub
YouTube Screenshot - Newshub

Rory Foley, from Pleasant Point, South Canterbury, was disturbed one night by an intruder. However, instead of chasing it away, he just left the intruder be.

The intruder in question and Foley go a long way back.

The little owl has always been present in Foley’s day. The bird would often settle by the window sill of his bedroom and would watch what Foley was doing.

YouTube Screenshot - Newshub
YouTube Screenshot - Newshub

When the day ends, the owl goes back to its home which was a walnut tree inside the property. If it was sizing up its flatmate or not, no one really knows. What Foley knows, however, is that the owl meant no harm.

These interactions would go on for days.

Finally, after enough rapport, the owl decided it was ready to take their relationship to the next level. Foley was asleep when he heard a crash and some rattling downstairs.

YouTube Screenshot - Newshub
YouTube Screenshot - Newshub

When he went down to check, he saw the owl perched on the chandelier. It flew into a small pet door and found a way into the house.

Instead of shooing it away, Foley just opened the windows so the owl can find its way back into the walnut tree.

YouTube Screenshot - Newshub
YouTube Screenshot - Newshub

When Foley woke up the next morning, he saw the owl sitting on the mantelpiece. At that point, he knew the owl came in by choice.

Foley decided to name the owl “Mr. Hoot.”

Foley still hasn’t learned why Mr. Hoot loves hanging around. It wasn’t a problem to him though because the owl wasn’t hurting anyone.

In fact, Mr. Hoot is pretty chill.

Foley shared that it wanders around the house and has acquired a hobby that no one would believe — watching TV.

Foley said Mr. Hoot just jumped on the couch and settled beside Foley. The man made sure he didn’t do anything threatening and sat a bit of a distance from the owl to help the bird feel more comfortable.

Watching TV together became their favorite routine.

While the owl’s actions aren’t quite alarming, Foley chose to make sure. He called in some experts to assess Mr. Hoot and they assured him that he was in good health.

Foley’s cat, fortunately, also doesn’t seem to mind Mr. Hoot. He shared that when his cat saw Mr. Hoot’s size, it started not giving the bird so much attention. They just settled down in their own spots and work their days.

Friends always have friends’ backs, however.

Foley shared that he would be using his crafty expertise to make a birdhouse for the owl. He wanted to put it in Mr. Hoot’s walnut tree so that he won’t have problems attracting future Mrs. Hoots.

Foley also shared that just like any friendship, there are things they agree and disagree on. For one, Foley thinks that Mr. Hoot is staring directly at his soul when they make eye contact.

We all have that one strange friend, we guess? However, when it comes to what program to watch, Mr. Hoot always gives Foley his way.

Watch the unusual friendship between a man and an owl.

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