Man adopts aggressive abused pit bull scared of men then completely changes him

October 14th, 2020

Pablo is a pit bull who didn’t have the best start in life. He spent the first several years going between the shelter and various homes. The dog always ended up back in the shelter. This abandoned pit bull finding a forever home seemed like an impossibility.

What’s worse is that it was really affecting how he viewed the world, and especially men. That was making it even harder for him to be successfully adopted.

Finding the right path

Going based on his behavior and his fear of men, it’s assumed that Pablo was abused at some point. However, that didn’t stop one man from deciding that he would be the one to help the pit bull through the trauma.

That’s how Pablo would end up meeting Manny.

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the Dodo via YouTube Source: the Dodo via YouTube

And the right person to walk down that path with

Manny wasn’t deterred by the fact that he was exactly what the pit bull was scared of. He had a plan to help Pablo overcome his fears. Was he concerned about getting bitten? The thought did go through his head, but he knew that Pablo was a hurt soul who needed someone to show him love, compassion, and patience. Manny was precisely the guy for the job.

Getting to know each other

In the beginning, there was a lot of barking and growling. Pablo let Manny know exactly what he thought of him. Manny let him know that it didn’t matter; he was still accepted and loved.

The growling continued as they would go on walks, and as Manny kept showering affection on the angry dog instead of giving up on him. As for the concern about being bitten, there was a while when Pablo did actually have to wear a muzzle to help the process go a little more smoothly and without the risk of injury.

Starting to adapt

Eventually, the barking started to slow down. As for the growling, it was still there, but the growl itself had changed. When Manny was petting the dog, he noticed that while Pablo was still letting out a low growl, he was also willingly accepting the petting and his tail was actually wagging. They weren’t where they needed to be yet, but they were making progress!

A little closer to home

As the first month went by, Pablo actually started to show signs of excitement when he would see Manny. Instead of barking, he was running up to greet his new friend. He was also beginning to act more friendly around other dogs. The love Manny had shown him wasn’t just reflecting back at Manny. It was starting to change how Pablo viewed everything in life.

The once angry dog now wanted to get the most out of everything. He demanded attention, he wanted to be petted, and he even started to jump in Manny’s bed at night so he could snuggle close. That wasn’t even all of it. The previously terrified dog now felt safe enough to roll over and ask for belly rubs. Now, that’s a sign of trust!

After a month, it was official; hate had turned into love. In fact, Pablo didn’t even want to leave Manny’s side. He had finally found someone who he knew could love him. More importantly, he finally knew that he could be loved.

That’s the kind of gift that can’t be replaced.

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