Adorable ‘mad’ dog becomes internet famous for her hilariously mean-looking mug
Forget Grumpy Cat. This little girl's photos are killing me. 😂
Ma Fatima Garcia

You come home from work, and your dog greets you. You brace yourself as you receive sloppy kisses from your beloved pet, and all your stress fades away.

Can you imagine this sweet gesture from your dog? Most of the time, as we look into our dog’s expression especially their eyes, we see how much they love us.

Sometimes, though, nature can play tricks on us.

Humphrey Muleba
Humphrey Muleba

We can see how they feel just by looking at them.

However, there are a few exemptions here. Not every dog will show you their puppy eyes or that “i missed you” look. Some dogs have unique expressions that you have to guess for yourself.


Meet sweet Maddy

Maddy isn’t short for Madison, it’s a nickname they got for this puppy when people started calling her”Mad dog.”

Maddy isn’t really a mad dog, in fact, she’s a sweetheart who loves to play and constantly makes her hooman mom laugh.

When you realise tomorrow is Monday 😠 #grumpydog

Posted by Little Miss Furious onSunday, May 16, 2021

So, why did people name her mad dog?

Take a look at her photo. Isn’t she angry? Oh, we mean, isn’t she adorable? Maddy or Little Miss Furious has this natural “angry” look that makes everything funny rather than scary.

Can you imagine seeing her for the first time and see her looking at you with her expression?

What would you do?

Happy angry Sunday friends 😠🥰♥️ #sundaymood

Posted by Little Miss Furious onSunday, April 18, 2021

One of Maddy’s fans asked what type of breed she is, her fur mom said that she is a mini bully.

The Mini Bully or American Bully Pocket is just the cutest dog breed.


According to MyBullyShop:

“Pocket Bullies are small in size, but they have fierce looks and muscular bodies, just like an American Bully.”

There is a common misconception about this dog breed. Some say that they are as aggressive as Pit Bulls especially judging by their stock and looks, but this is not true!

That face you make when someone behind you sneezes 😷😠 #personalspace #backthefup #rude

Posted by Little Miss Furious onFriday, April 9, 2021

Maddy’s breed is playful, energetic, and very smart.

They are very protective and courageous as well. They are also very good with kids because they are charming and gentle.


Little Miss Furious

Like most of her fans now, when you first see this mini bully, you would think that she’s not in the mood. You would even be scared to come closer because of her “angry” expression, but that’s not the case.


She just wants to play with you. So, don’t be scared of her, Maddy is quite friendly. You’d love to cuddle and squish this chunky doggo.

Because of her unique looks, people have shared her TikTok videos that immediately went viral.

People can’t get enough of her “furious” expressions.

My humans made me wear a frog outfit…I hate it 😠🐸

Posted by Little Miss Furious onFriday, April 2, 2021

Maddy looks very angry every single time; from eating, playing, and even when she’s relaxing.

Adorable little miss furious already has her social media accounts. She has 1.6M followers on TikTok, and her fans keep on growing.

Gimme 😠🍊 #angrypuppy #attitude

Posted by Little Miss Furious onSunday, May 9, 2021

Everyone just loves to see her do anything with her angry expression.

Have you ever seen a dog so angry while eating? How about seeing a dog looking furious while sleeping?

Maddy’s daily adventures will surely give good vibes to everyone! If you want to see more of this adorable angry princess, feel free to check out her TikTok and Facebook page.

Hi 😈 …..#dog #furiousdog #funnydogs #angrydog #cutie

Posted by Little Miss Furious onTuesday, February 23, 2021

We’re pretty sure you have already fallen in love with this little miss, so what are you waiting for?

Watch Maddy’s video below and let her charm you.

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By Ma Fatima Garcia
Ma Fatima Garcia is a contributor at SBLY Media.