Company Will Pay You To Eat Their Dog Food

September 20th, 2018

People go to great lengths to please their dogs. For these people, nothing is good enough for their dog.

This is why they cook their dog elaborate meals or buy them expensive gourmet dog food.

But one pet food brand is going above and beyond to make sure that their food is good enough for even the most pampered dogs.

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Butternut Box is having humans test their home-cooked dog food to make sure their recipes are even good enough for humans.

And they want to hire you to do it.

Butternut Box wants to hire the “Ultimate dog lover needed to try dog’s dinner.”

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“Butternut Box is the worlds most Dog loving startup. We were founded in 2016 by two friends, who are massive dog lovers! We are now the UK’s leading home cooked dog food delivery subscription business with over 6000 dogs eating our nutritious meals,” their website reads.

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“As our business is built on our love for dogs our aim is to connect with customers to make their dog as healthy and happy as possible and provide products which taste Dog-Delicious!”

Butternut Box was started by Goldman Sachs Alumni Kevin Glynn and David Nolan who started their company with a $1.3 seed investment from Passion Capital.

They found that the UK spends about $4.1 million annually on dog food and cat snacks but only two companies dominate about 77 percent of that market.

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There were barely any other companies that offered freshly cooked food besides Lily’s Kitchen, and Natural Instinct.

Butternut Box says their company differs because of their proprietary algorithm.

It identifies how many calories an individual dog needs on a daily basis and pre-portions meals so dogs get the number of calories they need.

“I love dogs! Who doesn’t?! In fact, the Butternut Box team are so proud of the provenance and quality of our dog food that we personally taste test each home-cooked and human-grade recipe ourselves,” Glynn writes in the job ad posted on AirTasker. “
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butternutbox Source: butternutbox
They are offering dog food tasters about $795 each to give feedback on their food’s quality, texture, and taste.

They’ll also be crowned “Top Dog” by the company’s teams and get to play with dogs all day.

In addition, they get to go home with a bag of dog goodies for visiting Butternut Squash’s headquarters in White City in London.

“But we need your help. We’d like to prove our marketing department’s claims that our recipes really are as good as we say they are, so we’re looking for the Ultimate Dog Lover with top-notch taste buds to review our latest recipes that we’ve cooked up!” Glynn writes. “Obviously – this task isn’t for everyone – so we are only looking for the most truly paw-sionate dog lovers to apply!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a dog food testers you can apply for the position here.

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Source: Country Living