“Lonely” Husky caught on camera strolling into best friend’s empty room for adorable reason
It seems that "best friend" is somewhat of an understatement.
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When someone dear to your heart like a family member or a friend leaves, it punches a huge hole in your heart, right?

You start missing them so bad that you start to look at their photos on your mobile phone, get food you love eating with them, and snuggle their things at home.

This is pretty much normal because you are used to being with them and seeing them almost 24/7.

The physical absence of someone you love can make you feel very lonely and dealing with it can be uneasy.

Pexels - Dids .
Pexels - Dids .

While this feeling is more particular to humans, it can’t be denied this also happens to our furry companions at home.

Do dogs miss their owners when they leave home?

According to Holiday Barn, yes, they do! Scientists have studied dogs and found out they feel sad when their humans are not around.

Pexels - Pixabay
Pexels - Pixabay

During these studies, they used special machines to look at dogs’ brains and saw that they have negative feelings when separated from their owners.

Some types of dogs, like poodles, which are very smart and love being with their owners, might feel even sadder when left alone.

Dogs can start missing their owners as soon as they leave and keep feeling that way for up to two hours. After that, they still feel sad, but it doesn’t get worse until they see their owners again.

Not all dogs though are the same.

Dogs deal with loneliness and boredom differently.

While some would just sit and patiently wait for their person to come back home, some would get a little too creative to show they don’t like being left at home alone.

Pexels - Willo M.
Pexels - Willo M.

Actually, you can simply go to social media platforms and start searching for the trend “What My Dog Does When I’m Not at Home.”

You will see a bunch of videos from dog owners catching their furry friends’s candid antics at home during their absence.

This dog, however, is a little emotional yet still adorable.

YouTube Screenshot - milperthusky
YouTube Screenshot - milperthusky

“I miss my hooman!”

This is probably the right phrase to describe this dog’s emotions when she starts longing for her human sibling.

The cute moment was captured on camera and uploaded on a YouTube channel called ‘milperthusky.’

In the video’s description, they wrote, “Sooo hello everyone!! We have a camera in our daughter room for bedtime to keep an eye on her when she’s asleep, daisy has been staying out last couple nights with her mum at her nanas seeing her family. Millie our husky caught on camera snook into her room and cuddled her doll to sleep!!! She is so clearly pining for her bestie!”

The adorable moment shows Millie the husky, sneaking into her bestie’s room and going straight to the bed.

Millie’s head goes in leaning towards the doll’s head as if she’s really trying to convince herself that it’s her human sibling and not just a toy.

You can clearly see the sadness in the dog’s face, her eyes and body language say it all.

Thankfully, dad’s there to comfort Millie.

Watch the hidden camera footage of Millie below.

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