Tiny big eyed kitten abandoned by his mom finds family to give him the special care he needs

July 14th, 2020

A tiny newborn kitten was abandoned by her mom. Luckily, he found a new home and his forever family.

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As an animal rescuer, Beth Walden from Florida felt the need to take a certain kitten home. The little kitty is already three weeks old, but his size and built belonged to a newborn. The woman was moved by the kitten’s story and decided to bring him home to nurse him back to recovery.

It is unbelievable how small he is.

“I knew he was a little fighter since he had made it three weeks in the condition he was in,” Beth said in an interview with Love Meow.

The little kitty, whom Beth called Guinness, is terribly weak and delicate. He could not drink milk on his own so the animal rescuer had to feed him by dropping kitten formula on the cat’s mouth even through the night. She carefully fed him and made sure he’d be out of danger in no time. Soon enough, some improvements can be seen on little Guinness, and little by little, the small fighter found the way to survival.

Eventually, Guinness got stronger and could suck milk through a syringe all on his own. This gave Beth hope and made her more positive that the little kitten will soon recover and become stronger.

However, apart from his weak body, Guinness also had an eye infection that kept his eyes closed and full of crust. This was another challenge for Beth as she had to be really careful with cleaning the kitty’s eyes until he can finally open them.

And one day, the tiny warrior opened his eyes and they were absolutely beautiful!

Guinness turned out to have huge baby blue eyes that seem to be overly big for his small body. He looked totally adorable and Beth was just glad to have made the decision to save this little fighter’s life.

After days and nights of looking after Guinness and showering him with love and affection, the little kitten gradually gained strength and thrived. He may still be smaller than other kittens his age, but he definitely has gone a really long way from his previous condition.

A fan of cuddles.

Guinness seems to know how much Beth has done for him and in his incredibly sweet way, this cute and charming feline made sure that Beth knows how much he loves being around her. He always wants a cuddle and Beth is more than willing to give him what he wants!

“He’s been strong from the first day I had him,” Beth said. “Guinness is definitely a cuddler. He looks like he’s smiling while he’s sleeping, and tucks his head in and crawls out when he wakes up.”

Aside from being a huge fan of cuddles, this little fellow also loves being around fluffy things! He won’t take a nap without rubbing his furry face with his fluffy blanket first.

“He loves rubbing his face in fluffy blankets. He also loves to make biscuits while he does it,” Beth added.

Guinness is definitely a fighter, and it’s such a blessing that Beth found him and helped him fight for his life.

It only took a few more weeks before the brave kitten eventually gained enough strength to meet friends. Beth instantly introduced Guinness to her resident cat, Mr. Tiny Pants. The two instantly warmed up to each other and the home has become even brighter for the little kitten.

Watch Guinness and her cute moments with Mr. Tiny Pants by pressing play in the video below.

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Source: Love Meow, the_kitten_guinness