Kind vet works hard to earn trust of scared dog hiding in the corner
This vet has inspired other vets to commit their lives to treating animals with kindness and respect.
D.G. Sciortino

Dr. Thomas Hamilton grew up with a fear of dogs.

This stemmed from an incident where he was playing outside when he was 7 or 8-years-old while his dog Bandit was chained up to his dog house.

That’s when a black and tan-colored dog wandered into the yard and took a stance that made Hamilton believe he was about to be attacked by this strange dog.

Despite being chained up by his owners, Bandit still wanted to intervene between Hamilton and the alleged assailant to make sure that everyone was safe and broke free of the chains to assist.

He jumped over the boy in order to confront the approaching dog and left after Bandit jumped on him.

In Hamilton’s mind, the dog saved his life. So, Hamilton decided he wanted to dedicate his life to helping dogs and bettering their lives.

He pledged his human life to serve himself and animals by becoming a veterinarian.

But not just any veterinarian, one that is always gentle, kind, and compassionate to all animals everywhere and finds joy in doing so.

Hamilton treats his patients as he himself would want to be treated. Not only is Hamilton a vet, but he spends time being very active on social media and has more than 63,000 followers.

Since Hamilton had an early experience with being frightened by an approaching dog, he makes sure to approach his patients with particular tenderness.

Dogs have heightened senses and can absolutely sniff out danger or someone who is untrustworthy and disingenuous. That’s why Hamilton approaches every single animal, especially dogs, with honest good energy.

Dogs can tell when you’re faking and just trying to temporarily gain their trust so the vet can perform a procedure. like giving them a shot. That is exactly why most dogs hate going to the vet and can even sense it when their humans try to drive them there.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

“It’s not the end goal is just to vaccinate and send on their way, I want to build a relationship with them,” he said.

Since trust is something that is earned, even with dogs, Hamilton seeks to make that trust real.

He hopes he can be a genuine friend to every patient that walks through his door.

“I want them to know I have nothing but love for you,” Hamilton says.

Isn’t that just the sweetest thing! Hamilton’s dedication to the welfare of his patients and helping them live happy and healthy lives is incredibly aspiring.

Hamilton admittedly knows that all dogs won’t readily trust you just because you expect them to.

They are far too smart that.

These are the dogs that take lots of extra time out of Hamilton’s day keeping him on his toes and teaching him the ways of the dog. Hamilton’s patients have taught him that manipulation is futile.

The only way he will be able to meet on common ground with his patients and earn their trust is if he genuinely respects them and cares about their welfare.

And that’s exactly what Hamilton does now and forever.

And even if dogs are still apprehensive of Hamilton, they rest easy knowing that when they are done with him they get to go home and free from the unpleasantness of the vet.

Check out Hamilton’s sweet video below.

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