Rescued Dog Can Count And Spell Her Name

May 17th, 2018

Sometimes you have to take time to get to know someone in order to find out how special they truly are. It took a few times before someone realized how special a puppy named Penny was.

Penny was found wandering around on a path of a local park.

According to, some PetCo employees spotted Penny who looked like she was a stray in need of a home. So, they rescued her and brought her to a place where she could be put up for adoption.

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Penny was actually adopted a few times. But for some reason, the families kept returning her. Perhaps, fate was waiting for the perfect person to come along and realize Penny’s full potential.

That’s when Leonora Anzaldua came into the picture.

She went out of her way to adopt an “unwanted puppy.” So she adopted a dog who had been returned several times and named her Penny. It wasn’t long before Leonora discovered Penny’s hiddle talents.

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pennyloggins Source: pennyloggins

Penny had a lot of energy and her previous owners did nothing to give her an outlet for all that energy. So, Penny had gotten a little destructive like a lot of 10-week-old puppies do.

Leonora learned that dogs have the learning ability of a toddler and figured she would put Penny’s mind to the test.

She soon learned that all Penny needed was a little mental stimulation. Leonora first taught Penny simple commands like “sit.” Penny nailed this on on her third try, according to Happiest.

Source: Penny Loggins

Leonora went to teach Penny a bunch of other commands which she also learned pretty quickly. She knew all the regular dog tricks by the time she was 8-months-old.

Leonora then decided to challenged Penny.

She wanted to see if Penny could recognize shapes. So, Leonora bought her dog some block letters. And sure enough, Penny was able to figure this out.

Numbers!!! #smartypants #dogtricks #dogscancount!

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Penny went on to be able to identify letter shapes as well as numbers. She can spell her own name and even distinguish between one and two.

Penny’s intelligence has been a big hit on the internet.

Videos of her skills have gotten thousands and thousands of views. People were so fond of Penny that she now has her very own Instagram page which you can view here. Her Instagram name is Penny Loggins, a play on Kenny Loggins, which is absolutely hilarious.

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