Dogs Are Adorable But Messy. Dog Lover Shares Tips To Keep Your House Clean If You Own A Dog
Here are brilliant tips to keep your home clean if you have a dog.
Arianna Etemadieh

While dog is man’s best friend, raising a dog isn’t always easy. Just like children, dogs cause accidental or unintentional messes. Some dogs shed a lot of more than others, others love to play in the dirt and mud, some eat very messily, and so on.

If you like to keep your house neat and tidy for yourself or for guests, dogs can sometimes disrupt routine house cleaning. However, a clean house is still possible! It just takes a little more effort and diligence than pet-free homes.

But with a face like that, can you blame them?


With these cleaning tips, you can have the best of both worlds: a clean house and a happy dog.

1. Rubber gloves

Rubber gloves are the most effective and budget-friendly way to get rid of stray hairs from fabric and carpets. Simply don the rubber gloves, dampen your finger tips with water, and then run the gloves over your fabric or carpet. Soon you’ll have a custom wig of your dog’s fur.

2. Pet blankets

Dogs, just like humans, have favorite places where they like to lounge. If your dog has favorite places, invest in a pet blanket to cover the areas where they like to rest.

Pet blankets are made of lightweight fleece material that makes them easy to wash and dry. You can wash them once a week to remove any dog smells and shake excess fur outside your garden or yard. Don’t forget a dash of Febreze to keep your blankets nice and fresh.

3. Cleaning pet bowls and toys

Even if your dog licks his bowl clean, that doesn’t mean his bowl is truly clean. Under seemingly clean bowls could be nasty bacteria.

Just as you wouldn’t eat from the same dish without washing it, do the same courtesy for your pet. You can wash your bowl along with your nightly washing routine, or if you want to use safe dish soap, you can use an anti-bacterial option.


4. Groom your dog regularly

Regularly brushing your dog, especially those that shed heavily, will ultimately cut down the amount of shedding in your house. If you bring a dog brush on walks, the hairs will blow away gracefully with the wind while keeping your house hair-free.

Along with brushing your dog, don’t forget to brush their teeth and bathe them to keep their coat nice and clean for your floors and furniture.

5. Keep an old towel or blanket by the front door

Some dogs love mud and dirt. Who are we to stop them from being who they are? To keep your house clean, keep a towel by the front door so you can clean your pup’s paws and fur before he runs around inside the house. Your freshly mopped floors will thank you.

6. Get rid of Fox Poo stench with Fox Poo Scent Spray or Tomato Ketchup

Poo of any variety smells, but fox poo is especially pungent. Yet for some reason, dogs go crazy for it. If your dog especially loves playing in fox poo, try using a fox poo scent spray after a bath.

If you don’t have any fox poo scent spray on you, tomato ketchup is a good alternative. Simply rub the ketchup into your dog’s fur and leave it on for around one minute (if you can keep your dog from licking or shaking it off) before rinsing. This little trick will get rid of that nasty smell.

And there you have it! Six simple tips that can make your life as a dog parent easier. For everything your precious pooch does for you, we hope you find these cleaning tips helpful!

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