Adorable Husky Gently Cuddles With Newborn Baby

February 13th, 2018

Instagram was originally conceived as a way for people to show pictures of themselves and their lifestyles. Like all things on the internet, adorable animals quickly found their way onto the platform and essentially dominated. Today on Instagram, you are likely to find hundreds of accounts dedicated to cute and fashionable animals of all kinds—many pet owners have even made accounts for their pets in the hopes that they might become famous. Every now and then, however, one of these accounts rises to prominence above the others.

For one example, consider the huskies Millie and Rupert.

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The two huskies can be found on Instagram via their handle @milperthusky.

The two dogs live with their family in Manchester in the United Kingdom. Although the account started off simply as a tribute to the lives of these two glorious animals, things took a turn one day when the family had a new baby. The huskies were incredibly protective of the little child, immediately cuddling up to him while he was swaddled in a blanket as delicately as possible.

The Instagram video has since won the hearts of everyone on the internet.

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The clip has been watched some 606,000 times on Instagram—and has garnered additional attention elsewhere as well.

Ever since this little guy was born, the husky channel now has an added human member. And the pictures have gradually grown to reflect that. In addition to the pictures of Rupert and Millie hanging out together, there’s also plenty of pictures of them cuddling the babies, snuggling up together and generally being protective and adorable.

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Above all, the most touching thing of all is just how gentle these big animals can be with a little baby!

Obviously, the internet will never get tired of content geared towards cute animals and cute babies. When the two of them come together, it only has even more viral power. They even have a Christmas photo together under a tree.

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If you’re a fan of huskies and cute babies, you owe it to yourself to check out their profile.

Let’s face it: huskies are some of the more energetic dog breeds out there. If you were planning on starting a new family and weren’t sure whether your huskies would be gentle with the baby, let these guys be your role models.

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