Horse asks mom to let him into house
Meet Charlie, he's a Mustang/house horse.
D.G. Sciortino

Charlie is a house horse. Or at least he thinks he is. This Mustang lives in Arizona with his mom Pam.

He used to hang out outside in the barn or the yard until one day when he mosied on into the house.

“The very first time that Charlie came into the house was definitely a surprise,” Pam told The Dodo.

Facebook Screenshot
Facebook Screenshot

Charlie’s dream of becoming a house horse came true that day and five years later, he still pretty much comes and goes as he pleases.

“I’ve never met a horse like Charlie. The barn is right behind our house. So, if I leave the back gate open, which we always do, he just marches right in,” Pam said.

You’ll often find Charlie hanging around the kitchen. He likes to hang out when Pam is cooking and he just learned how to maneuver his large frame around the kitchen island.

It’s a tight squeeze but Charlie has mastered it along with navigating the house’s narrow hallways.

“He loves to play with my bedding. So, he grabs the covers and like will pull the covers off,” Pam explained.

Sometimes he’ll get into a little mischief around the house by knocking over baskets of laundry or chewing on the house plants.

“We have dogs and I thought, ‘Oh, they’re gonna bark’ and oddly our dogs don’t really bark at all to Charlie coming in the house,” Pam said.

Pam works from home so Charlie can sometimes be a distraction with his clopping around on her wooden floors.

She’ll ask him to go back outside but she usually has to escort him back outside herself.

“Honestly, it makes me feel terrible and I don’t want to hurt his feelings but I work from home so I hear the clunking of those hooves on the floor and I’ll have to tell him that he needs to leave.”

But Charlie won’t totally leave. He’ll just stare at Pam through the glass door “like a stalker” with his nose pressed up against the glass, making funny faces, and pacing back and forth wanting to come back in.

“It breaks my heart so sometimes I’ll let him back in and just drop what I’m doing,” Pam said.

Charlie can be a little demanding. The first thing Pam does in the mornings is feed him.

If not, he tends to break down the door in his stall.

He can be pretty loud and also likes to bang things to get your attention.

Another thing that Charlie likes is heading to the lake.

He loves to go swimming and wading around in the water.

But Pam doesn’t mind any of Charlie’s quirks.

Facebook Screenshot
Facebook Screenshot

“As funny as it is that I have a horse that comes into the house, that touches my heart so deeply because it just shows me how comfortable Charlie is with me and how safe he feels,” Pam explains. “It makes me so happy that he loves me so much and that he feels comfortable.”

Charlie has become quite a sensation since he was featured on The Dodo. You’ll find him on Pam’s Instagram page @ponymacaronilove.

“We all knew Charlie was a star, but now thanks to The Dodo it’s official,” Pam wrote on her Instagram page.

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