People are struggling to find the hidden cat in this viral photo

June 22nd, 2020

We are still trying to protect ourselves from the invisible COVID-19 while more issues continue to arise every single day. However, one person formulated a way to distract us from all this negativity, and they were kind enough to share it with others on the internet.

A cat owner challenged the Twittersphere to find her cat in one photo.

Kate Hinds, a planning editor at WNYC and a Twitter-verified user, uploaded a shot of her bookshelf and asked people to find her cat hidden amid the mess. The tweet received over 46.5k retweets and 234k likes in no time.

With a full bookshelf, it was almost impossible to spot her cat. However, some people did not give up on it, and it made them laugh when they found her cat in the most awkward and unsuspecting spot.

Before revealing where Hinds’ cat was hiding, let’s look at the responses of the people who were stumped trying to find it.

It was a difficult one, as people had to skim every nook and cranny on that bookshelf. Some ended up stumped upon trying to search for the cat, and their responses and disbeliefs were hilarious.

“There’s an actual cat in this pic?? Or a figurine or something?” asked one Twitter user.

There were also those who gave up after they searched for the sneaky feline for hours.

Bookworms had some interesting priorities.

Instead of searching for the cat, some people found themselves snooping on each book title that they could find on Hinds’ bookshelf.

“I went from looking for the cat to zooming in on book titles because of books. (Your shelf is amazing. Also, well played, cat. Well played.),” said another Twitter user.

As Hind’s bookshelf was full of “good read” books, there is no doubt that the bookworms found some books that they could satisfyingly immerse into.

The grand reveal of the hidden cat challenge.

Since a lot of people got stumped and gave up on finding Hinds’ cat, she took the time to reply and show everyone where the cat was hidden. It seems that you could see a paw sticking out from under Hind’s TV.

After the reveal, people admitted that they enjoyed the challenge, and some proposed to have tweets like these daily.

“I need everyone to check their camera rolls and put together a thread of ‘Where’s the Cat’—I haven’t been this calmed by a tweet in a LONG time,” someone suggested.

Norah, the hidden cat on the bookshelf.

The hidden cat’s name is Norah and Hinds shared with Cnet a little about how she adopted her from a local rescue group more than 10 years ago. She even said that the spot where Norah was hiding was the cat’s favorite spot when summer comes.

It was just amazing how Norah could fit herself in such a tight space. Days after sharing the first photo, Hinds continued posting more “Today in find the cat” photos on Twitter.

If you’re an avid cat lover and wanted a fun distraction, then try your luck finding the hidden kitty in these photos. Don’t forget to share this with your friends so they too can have a diversion if they need one.

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