Grandma comes up with plan to help kitten missing back legs run again
There is nothing that this little kitten can't overcome.
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Nikki Martinez of My Foster Kittens in Las Vegas has fostered hundreds of kittens.

Her organization specializes in caring for neonatal and critical care kittens.

That’s why she agreed to take in a little kitten from Arizona named Scottie.

The Dodo - YouTube
The Dodo - YouTube

“I was asked by another rescue partner if I could take him in. And they were like, ‘Oh, by the way, he doesn’t have much in the way of back legs,” Nikki told The Dodo.

Scottie had two little nubs in place of two of his paws, one of them which had exposed bone.

At the time, Scottie was too little to undergo surgery and had to wait until he was a bit bigger to have it removed.

Little Scottie was scared in his new home and cried until Nikki brought him into her bedroom to sleep.

The Dodo - YouTube
The Dodo - YouTube

Nikki made the kitty cat some stairs so he could get up and down off the bed.

She had to teach him how to get up and down the stairs but he figured it out.

With some encouragement, Scottie was eventually zooming up and down those stairs quickly.

The Dodo - YouTube
The Dodo - YouTube

The cat was moving so fast that it was causing his nub pain. So, Nikki reached out to her grandmother.

Having been a ballerina, Nana was very savvy in ways to protect the toes.

Grandma made him some special shoes, but Scottie just turned them into his new favorite toys.

The Dodo - YouTube
The Dodo - YouTube

Eventually, they made him some booties that he wore and helped.

Scottie’s nub eventually corrected itself so that he didn’t need surgery.

“He was so determined and nothing got in his way as far as obstacles. He was seeing my cats go up in the cat treee. It was almost like I could see the wheels turning in his head thinking, ‘How can I get up there,'” Nikki said. “I knew that if he could get up to that first one he was going to get higher and higher.”

The Dodo - YouTube
The Dodo - YouTube

Eventually, he made it up there and even wore out his booties from all the action he was having.

It wasn’t long before Scottie was strong enough to be put up for adoption.

He had lots of people interested in adopting him but Nikki found the perfect parent in Moses who had a kitten named Scout the same age, size, and color as Scottie.

Now, Scottie is living the life of a “pampered prince.”

“I was sold way before and when I first met him it just made it even more sold,” Scottie’s new dad Moses said.

He flew Scottie home first class. And when Scottie finally got home, he was elated to meet his new brother Scout who he quickly fell in love with.

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“He cuddled with me the first night, and Scout was so excited to have another cat in the house. They started playing together,” Moses said.

While Nikki was sad to part with Scottie, she was overjoyed to see him where he belongs.

“He’s come so far from what he was before. He has no limitation,” she said.

Learn more about Scottie’s amazing adventure in the video below.

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