Women relays hilarious story of her not-so-smart sled dog after he gets confused on a practice run
Sled dogs have to be a lot of things. But Grinch proves "genius" isn't one of them.

Blair Braverman is quite the adventurer. The writer and dogsledder enjoys taking part in the classic, annual Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race each year in which sled dogs pull their “mushers” 1000 miles across the Alaskan wilderness.

The dogs are majestic – strong, brave, hearty, loving, cooperative…and then there’s Grinch.

Let’s just say that while he’s strong, it appears you get a choice between brains and brawn.

Frankly, we’re already in love with this goofy guy.

But anyone following the dogsledder probably already recognized Grinch since he was the star of a viral Twitter thread she wrote the year before about one of her practice runs with him.

It all began with one simple tweet – and the thread had us laughing out loud by the end.

Trust us, this is a story you want to hear.

Braverman once again reminded everyone that Grinch isn’t the brightest bulb in the box, but that he’s a real sweetheart. And that’s clearly what’s making up for everything else.

To make a long story short, in October of 2018, Braverman took Grinch and his teammate Jenga out for practice. They were using a wheeled cart since there was no snow on the ground.

Apparently, Grinch doesn’t have the best track record with the cart – but hey, practice makes perfect!

Things were fine for a while and both dogs did their jobs with glee.

They went about a mile and a half when Braverman decided it was time to turn around. Since dogs don’t exactly do U-turns, she stood to turn the cart in the other direction so they could head home.

“Let’s go,” she said.

Alas, the command that was supposed to make them move resulted in nothing at all.

Braverman wasn’t sure what was happening. Grinch seemed to want to run but he wouldn’t move.

Finally, she realized what was going on.

It was just a little too much complexity for his brain to handle.

He even sat right down despite the fact that they were both yowling to move. (And just to be clear, it’s the dogs that move the cart – they could have just started running. There’s no brake on it!)

Twitter - @BlairBraverman
Twitter - @BlairBraverman

It took an impressive amount of time for Grinch to figure it all out!

Remember, this is something the dog does with great frequency.

They did get home eventually. But we’re not sure if Jenga and Grinch were on speaking terms right after this escapade.

But have no fear, Grinch is still a part of the team!

Be sure to scroll down below to see the hilarious video of Grinch just standing there confused or click on any of the Tweets above to see the whole thread.

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