Goldendoodle gets so worried when he hears baby brother ‘hiccuping’
These two are like two pups in a pod.
D.G. Sciortino

Bentley and Tyler’s bond started before Tyler was even born. The mini Goldendoodle caught wind of change when his parents started adding baby items around the house.

From then on Bentley watched his mom’s belly growing, staying close to it so he could cuddle next to his soon-to-be-born brother.

Bentley was so excited when Tyler was born and couldn’t wait to get to know him even better.

The Dodo - Facebook
The Dodo - Facebook

“He was so gentle and inquisitive. He came right over and sniffed Tyler immediately,” Bentley and Tyler’s mom told The Dodo.

And Bentley immediately recognized Tyler’s scent. It wasn’t long before Bentley became Tyler’s protector.

“If he heard Tyler from across the room he had to go over there and give us kind of a warning,” mom said. “Let us know that we needed to take care of him.”

Bentley apparently would become very concerned when Tyler would get the hiccups.

“Hiccups are normal, it’s OK,” mom would have to tell Bentley.

The Dodo - Facebook
The Dodo - Facebook

From the day Tyler was born, Bentley always had to be by his little brother’s side.

His first order of business each day, after doing his own business, was to attend to Tyler.

“After he goes outside, he has to run in and come immediately to the nursery. That’s how he wakes Tyler up every morning,” mom said. “Bentley was protecting his little brother.”

The Dodo - Facebook
The Dodo - Facebook

Now that Tyler is getting older, he’s getting more and more interested in his older brother Bentley.

Bentley has begun bringing his little brother toys in hopes that Tyler will play with them.

“After a while, Bentley would take his toys back from Tyler and walk away because all Bentley wanted was Tyler to play with him but Tyler didn’t know how to play with him yet,” mom explains.

Tyler thinks it’s hilarious when he has a ball and Bentley swats it away.

“It’s been so much fun watching the two of them together, our two children,” mom said.

Bentley and Tyler’s adventures have gone viral on Instagram. Their video with The Dodo has been viewed more than 29 million times.

They also have a Facebook page with more than 67,000 followers.

“Bentley is a great example of how intelligent animals are. You have raised a beautiful soul and obviously shown him more love than most pets receive. Your new arrival will be loved by Bentley just like you love him,” wrote one commenter on Facebook.

“This is so precious to see the love of these two adorable beings,” said another.

“What a wonderful relationship these two beautiful boys are creating…and hopefully, it will continue for very many more years to come,” and another.

Bentley has become quite the social media star and has tons of fans. You can check out more of Bentley and Tyler’s adventures here on TikTok, where Bentley has more than 1.4 million followers, here on Instagram, or here on Facebook.

Check out the video about Bentley and Tyler below!

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