Girl creates hilarious PowerPoint presentation on why she should get a cat
Five years ago, a Canadian girl was allegedly promised a hamster. Now she's graduated to requesting a cat - and she's got a high-powered presentation that'll have you convinced she deserves a pet.

Twitter can be a powerful tool – especially when you get cats involved.

Even if Christopher Doyle wasn’t convinced by his daughter’s arguments for adopting a feline into the family, cat Twitter was on top of it, virtually demanding the Doyle family get a cat.

In fact, at this point, we’ll be surprised if they end up with only one cat!

The worldwide effort to get Doyle’s daughter the cat she had always wanted began on August 25, 2020 when he posted photos of a very convincing PowerPoint presentation she had set up for her family. It may be the best PowerPoint we’ve ever seen.

The young woman began with some very level-headed reasoning.

We might have thrown a few cute cat photos in throughout just to keep the audience’s attention, but it was clear that she was ALL business.

Twitter - @chrisdoyle
Twitter - @chrisdoyle

With a dash of science (cats are good for stress!) and a smattering of practicality (we all want one and they’re low maintenance), she set up quite a convincing argument.

Next came the vow to keep the potential feline out of the way of parents, in case they were really not into the idea of having an adorable little furball underfoot.

Twitter - @chrisdoyle
Twitter - @chrisdoyle

When guilting your parent into giving you something, it’s always best to remind them of past failures to get them to live up to their obligations.

Guilt is an important motivator – and this is one savvy daughter when it comes to exploiting that.

Twitter - @chrisdoyle
Twitter - @chrisdoyle

C’mon dad, what happened to the hamster?!

Five years is a long time to wait for a pet, but luckily, this girl can point to having both suffered that long AND using those long, lonely years to do research on how best to take care of a pet so she can live up to her obligations.

Of course, there are good reasons for not getting pets sometimes, but we don’t see dad setting up his own PowerPoint to explain them.

Twitter - @chrisdoyle
Twitter - @chrisdoyle

Now, we all know that kids slack off on their pet duties eventually. That or they’re just not home every time there’s an accident – or, with a cat, every time it decides to break or barf on something you love.

The key, for future reference, is not to over-promise. Otherwise, parents are too quick to realize that you haven’t thought this through entirely.

Now, we are big fans of using an image as a lasting reminder for the slideshow. That’s a great way to drive home just how cute kittens are.

Twitter - @chrisdoyle
Twitter - @chrisdoyle

Not only are we convinced by the effort, all of cat Twitter was as well.

But even more impressively, Microsoft (which makes PowerPoint) weighed in!

Sorry dad, you’re TOTALLY getting a cat.

Doyle’s daughter even sent him a text to remind him of all the static he could expect if he didn’t start cat-shopping.

‘Atta girl!

Dad has relented(ish).

As so many of us know, parents often pull out the research card (“we have to find the perfect cat!) when they want to buy time. But the paperwork has been filled out.

And from the looks of it, this clever daughter will be the official adopter!

Unfortunately, one kitten they were interested in had already been adopted.

Alas, we have no doubt that we’ll be seeing a new kitten soon.

Because cat Twitter WILL be checking in on this continuing saga.

Be sure to scroll down below for the original Tweet and the hilarious comments from around the world.

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