German shepherd caught red-handed adorably tries to cover his shame

February 19th, 2021

Leaving your dog at home alone can be a bit of a gamble.

Some dogs are fine–they leave all of the shoes in the house unchewed and the rugs free from dog pee.

However, other dogs aren’t as trustworthy.

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No matter how hard they try, sometimes to urge to chew something up is just too hard to overcome.

One dog, in particular, was caught by his owner shredding up some styrofoam packing while she was away.

His name is Shadow and he is an adorable German Shepherd.

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Shadow is a good dog, for the most part, he just can’t help himself when it comes to chewing up certain things.

When his owner arrived home to see the mess that Shadow had made, she confronted him immediately.

It was already nighttime, but even in the dark house, the mess was obvious.

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His owner flipped on the lights and surveyed the room.

Clearly, this was Shadow’s handiwork.

She looked at Shadow and said:

“Shadow, what’s this?”

Shadow had vacated the premises, hoping that his owner wouldn’t notice, but when he heard her question, he came trotting into the room.

When she saw him, she asked him again:

“What’s this, here?”

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Shadow had no choice but to acknowledge the mess that he had made, however, he wasn’t ready to own up to it.

He simply looked around the room and turned to walk away.

He made his way to a corner of the house and tried to leave the scene of the crime.

His owner followed him and questioned him once more.

Shadow’s eyes went wide and he sat there staring at his owner.

His owner called out to Shadow, telling him to “Come here.”

For a second, Shadow looked like he was going to listen to her command, but then he saw where she wanted him to go.

When he saw that she wanted him to come back to the mess that he had made, Shadow just turned around and faced the wall.

He still wasn’t ready to come clean.

His owner said:

“What have you done? You naughty boy!”

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Shadow just scooted closer to the wall, expressing what can only be described as doggy-guilt.

Because Shadow couldn’t come back to the scene of the crime, his owner decided to bring the evidence of what he had done to him.

She picked up one of the styrofoam logs that had been chewed and mangled and showed it to Shadow.

Shadow stared at it with big eyes and was clearly feeling bad about what he had done.

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Now, animals can’t talk, but everything about his body language looked like was sorry to me.

Let’s just hope his owner didn’t take it out too hard on poor Shadow and hopefully, he’s learned his lesson and this won’t happen again.

Either way, I’m sure he’ll be fine.

He’s just way too cute to stay mad at for too long.

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