Kind German Shepherd Babysits Orphaned Fawns
Dogs really are the most caring creatures.
Emma Shallcross

Dogs are undoubtedly some of the most caring creatures in the world. Their big hearts make them truly a blessing to have in our lives.

Any dog owner will tell you that if you’re sick, upset, or have just taken a tumble, your dog will be the first one to come to your side. They feel such compassion and empathy that if you’re not feeling your best, then neither will they.

So when we found out about this dog who takes being caring to a completely new level, we knew that we had to share it with you.


Meet Sarge, a nine-year-old German Shepherd who lives in Ohio.

Sarge lives in quite a special family. His owner, Cheryl Stephen, rescues injured, sick, or mistreated animals, and she has taken on a house full of pets. These range from normal household pets like dogs to the more abnormal, like cows and deer.

Cheryl is truly a selfless woman, and the care that she gives these vulnerable animals is beautiful to see.


The latest addition to the family happened to be an orphaned fawn, who Cheryl adorably named Buckwheat.

The mix of animals in the household means that Sarge is used to having a whole host of furry friends. But from the minute Buckwheat was introduced to Sarge, they created a bond that no one could have ever imagined.

Cheryl told The Dodo,

“Something clicked in Sarge and he took to Buckwheat instantly. He wanted to be involved with every aspect of Buckwheat’s care.”


It was almost as if Sarge had taken it upon himself to become Buckwheat’s adoptive parent. He noticed how vulnerable the little fawn was and just wanted to protect him.

Cheryl said,

“He took on the role of being Buckwheat’s guardian. None of the other dogs were allowed near the baby.”

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Over time, with the help of his caring companion, Buckwheat started to become stronger.

The fawn didn’t even know how to walk before arriving at Cheryl’s household, but with Sarge’s patient encouragement, Buckwheat was soon wobbling around all by himself!

“When we’d take Buckwheat outdoors, Sarge walked alongside him and kept him from wandering,” Cheryl told The Dodo. “As Buckwheat grew and began venturing out on his own a little more, we would have Sarge go find him and bring him back home.”

What a helpful little guy!


When he was finally strong enough, Buckwheat was released back into the wild, and Sarge had to say a sad goodbye to his companion.

But in a twist of fate, news had got out about Sarge’s clever rehabilitating skills and Cheryl began to receive many more pleas to help injured animals.

Sarge is happy to help out wherever possible, but his favorite animal to nurse is still a fawn. Cheryl said:

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By Emma Shallcross
Emma Shallcross is a contributor at SBLY Media.