Ferrets Make The Best Pets

August 31st, 2017

Understandably, ferrets are not meant for everyone. There seems to be some negative bias towards ferrets – especially if you have them as pets – but there’s absolutely no need for that. For the right person, a ferret can be a wonderful, playful and absolutely loving pet.

You do have to keep regulations in mind, however, as ferrets aren’t allowed to be kept as a pet in the entire country. In California, for example, it is only allowed to keep neutered and male ferrets in the house, and you also can’t keep a ferret in a household with a small child in Carson City, Nevada. New York City’s health board has also banned ferrets entirely. It’s important that you take your precautions and make sure the furry little animals don’t manage to escape.

A couple of ferret lovers around the globe shared some incredibly adorable pictures of their furry friends which definitely prove why ferrets in the house can be a great addition. Ferrets are curious and intelligent animals by nature, and their attitude is mostly friendly. They might require a bit of attention from their owner, but their affection more than makes up for it. The animals are also small, their cage requires little maintenance and can even be litter trained.

Here are just a couple of awesome ferret pictures that’ll make your heart melt.

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Imgur Source: Imgur

Take a look at this cute little boy who managed to get himself stuck in a piece of toilet roll. Luckily for him, the toilet roll wasn’t too hard to break out of.

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Reddit Source: Reddit

Or how about this white fellow who enjoys taking a soapy bath. Absolutely adorable.

Groups of ferrets also make great friends, just ask these guys!

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USFWS Mountain-Prairie Source: USFWS Mountain-Prairie

Just like us humans, they’ll yawn considerably if they become sleepy and it’s a cute sight to behold.

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adogsworld, Imgur Source: adogsworld, Imgur

Even though this little ferret is absolutely tiny compared to his fellow pets in the house – a trio of dogs – he still feels like one of them and even plays with them regularly.

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Aloysius94, Reddit Source: Aloysius94, Reddit

Now okay, ferrets can’t always be super friendly. But if they have got something to say, they’ll probably just stick their tongue out and show a little bit of rudeness, albeit in a cute manner.

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xMikelex24, Imgur Source: xMikelex24, Imgur

Most importantly, ferrets are always there for you and ready to play.

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CloneofKrieger, Imgur Source: CloneofKrieger, Imgur

Cuddling underneath a warm blanket is a ferret’s favorite activity.

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Ferretblog, Tumblr Source: Ferretblog, Tumblr

And if you’ve made a piece of clothing, a ferret will be more than happy to wear it with pride.

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