Family Is Worried When Dog Disappears, Then He Returns With Note Calling Him 'Hero Of The Day'

October 21st, 2017

Louie, Marolyn Diver’s family dog, had always been a good boy. But nobody, least of all his family, had any idea they had a hero on their hands!

Louie was a rescue dog adopted from a local shelter. He had always loved exploring and adventuring through the forested farmlands surrounding the Divers’ property. But, as he grew older, he developed a tendency to stick around home.

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Marolyn Diver/The Dodo Source: Marolyn Diver/The Dodo

Because of this tendency, when Louie randomly disappeared one day, the Divers were a bit concerned.

In an interview with The Dodo, Marolyn says, “My mother was a little grumpy as she thought he had stopped his wandering.”

As a 12-year-old dog, Louie wasn’t as agile as he used to be, and Marolyn’s mother worried he wouldn’t be able to find his way home. When Louie finally returned from his trip, however, after being gone for the full afternoon, he was exhausted and worn. But the Divers were relieved to see him.

That relief soon turned to confusion, however, when they noticed a cardboard note had been affixed to their pet’s collar. Not knowing whether Louie had upset someone or whether the note contained a threat, the Divers were worried.

Marolyn told The Dodo, “[Louie] looked so exhausted and had basically just collapsed. We were concerned someone might have hurt him.”

The last thing they expected though, was a note from a neighbor praising Louie as a hero!

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Marolyn Diver Source: Marolyn Diver

“Louis is the hero of the day,” the note (corrected for spelling) reads. He led me to Maddy, in distress, stuck under a branch pile. Cheers, Rob.”

Rob is the Divers neighbor and Maddy is his small dog. After calling Rob to get more details, the Divers learned that the day Louie disappeared, Maddy had also gone missing. Somewhere along the way, Louie ran into the pup, who was distressed and trapped under a big pile of branches.

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Marolyn Diver/The Dodo Source: Marolyn Diver/The Dodo

Louie, the hero of the day, immediately went to Rob’s house, trying to get the man to follow him. When Rob finally agreed, Louie led him straight to Maddy, who was in desperate need of his help. As Rob moved the branches to free the small dog, Louie dug right along beside him.

Marolyn told The Dodo, “[Rob] then gave Louie a huge handful of dog biscuits as a thank you. He knew Louie might get in trouble for being late home, so he thought he would write a small note to explain his absence.”

Louie, the 12-year-old sheepdog, has managed to impress everybody with his amazing act of heroism.

In her interview with The Dodo, Marolyn says, “It changed the way I look at him. And I think my parents feel the same way.

“I am so proud of him.”

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