10+ Hilarious Dogs Who Think They'd Be Impossible To Find In Hide And Seek

November 27th, 2017

Those of us who have cats know that if your cat wants to hide you can end up spending hours trying to find them in their special spot. Cats are just gifted when it comes to hide-and-seek, but dogs… not so much.

Try as they may, dogs always end up giving themselves away when trying to hide.

Here’s what we mean…

1) Just Turn It Upside Down

They’ll never suspect a thing!

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2) This Toilet Paper is the Perfect Disguise

I think I lost a few pounds so I can fit behind it.

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3) Just a Bag Here

Nothing to see… move along.

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4) This is What We Mean About Giving Yourself Away

He could have gotten away with it if he hadn’t poked his head out.

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5) If I Can’t See Them, Then They Can’t See Me

That’s not how it works you adorable beast.

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6) They’ll Never Find Me Under This Blanket

I guess he just forgot to get under the blanket.

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7) They Won’t Be Able to See Through This Bar

I’m definitely totally good here behind this bar.

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8) Hiding Behind Your Paws

When you think you’re so good at hiding that you are the disguise.

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9) Ah, The Dryer!

She hates doing laundry, she’ll never find me here!

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10) I’ll Just Blend In Here

It’s faux fur on real fur.

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11) Yes, the Curtains… I’ll Hide Behind the Curtains

This is the perfect spot!

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12) They’ll Never See Me Behind This Stuff Dog

Just blend… just blend.

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13) Ooh, the Bed… I’ll Hide Under the Bed

Apparently, this dog is only half committed to the spot.

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14) I’m White and the Carpet’s White

This is perfect!

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15) I Can Hide in This Jacket AND Be Super Cozy

This is actually a pretty good hiding spot.

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16) Just Army Crawl Underneath and They’ll Never Find Us

No, we’re good here I promise.

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17) They’re Always Telling Me I Look Like a Stuffed Animal

So if I sit still enough then…

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18) That Drawer… Get In It

If it wasn’t for all that poof he’d fit right in.

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19) Hide My Head

Just hide my head!

20) I Use the Wedge Method

And I just absorb myself back into the couch.

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21) He’ll Never Find Me Behind This Wall

Mirror… what mirror?

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22) Quick… Get Behind Those Drapes

You can’t even tell I’m here!

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23) No… Not On the Chair

Up in the chair!

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24) When You Want to Hide But It’s Hot Out

So you cool down in the refrigerator.

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25) I Will Hide Wherever It Takes

Even if I have to break your stuff.

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