Dogs Lose It When They Find Out Where They're Going

September 25th, 2017

These pointers are incredibly excited to go to the park, and their happiness is sure to make you smile.

It is no surprise that most dogs like to go to the park, but this group of pointers takes it to a whole other level. YouTube user T3 posted a video on his account a few weeks ago where he took his pointers to the park and they simply couldn’t contain their excitement.

The video begins with the man simply driving his car with his pointers inside, one sitting in the front seat, two in the back seats, and another that appears to be in either the vehicle’s third row or cargo area. The dogs are making quiet sounds, such as mild whines, and simply enjoying the car ride so far.

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Then, T3 asks the dogs:

“Alright, y’all. Where are we going!?”

It seems that the pooches know the answer is the park since they get more enthusiastic, with the ones in the second row even throwing in some quiet barks of happiness.

That soon becomes full-fledged barks. In the case of the front-seat passenger and one of the pooches in the second row, they even throw their heads back to howl gleefully.

After everyone starts to get excited about going to the park, the pointer who was all the way in the back climbs over to hang out it in the backseat with his siblings and join the fun. At this point, we’re not even sure how T3 can see the road behind him with a pooch blocking his view.

Within seconds, the car is full of barking dogs who just can’t wait to get out of the car and go run around. T3 even has to put his hand on the passenger seat headrest so the dogs in the second row don’t come forward and get in the way of his driving.

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We wonder how he can possibly concentrate on the road with four large and ecstatic dogs barking.

Between the four of them, there is a melodic mixture of barks and howls at any given moment, sure to bring a smile to your face. T3 can’t help but grin broadly while driving either, even though this is a normal occurrence for him.

A few seconds after T3 puts his right hand back on the wheel, the dog that had originally been in the very back portion of the car moves all the way up to the front, presumably to get closer to the park. The result is a full-face view of him in the camera, an adorable sight.

His human tells him:

“Hey, get in the back.”

At the same time, he puts a hand under the dog to move him back to the rear seat and out of the way. Unfortunately, this proves very hard to do while driving and T3 just gives up and focuses on the road instead. After all, the dog isn’t actually in the way of the wheel or gearshift.

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When they reach the park, T3 stops the car and all the dogs temporarily stop barking.

He asks:

“Everyone good now?”

The dogs seem to be incredibly anxious to get out of the car and enjoy their time at the park. Instead of barking, they are now all whining, just waiting for the doors to open. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see what they do at the park.

You can find some other adorable videos of the pointers on T3’s YouTube account.

There are videos of them being spoiled, jumping, and even meeting a cow! Based on his YouTube channel, T3 enjoys the outdoors and we assume that his pointers join him on adventures on a regular basis. If you look back over half a year ago, you can even spot a video of one of the pointers, Luna, finding a robin.

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Source: T3