Dogs dance to ‘Singing in the Rain’ and charm the entire audience
My heart melted when the dog twirled with the umbrella.
Elijah Chan

What’s the best trick you’ve ever taught your dog?

For dog owners and those who don’t own pets, there’s something truly spectacular when seeing dog trainers show off their skills.

YouTube Screenshot - Crufts
YouTube Screenshot - Crufts

We’re not just talking about playing dead, sitting, or rolling over.

We’re talking about weaving, standing, and even dancing.

It’s looking at the trainers then looking at your dog and thinking, “Well, at least you know where to take a dump.”

Mary Ray is one of the best-known dog trainers in the UK.

Her routine is among the most highly anticipated in the Crufts Dog Show, specifically the Heelwork To Music section.

YouTube Screenshot - Crufts
YouTube Screenshot - Crufts

Heelwork To Music is a complex exhibition where trainers show how disciplined and obedient their dogs truly are.

The segment shows how dogs execute commands while maintaining a heel position.

Ray and her dogs dance to Singing in the Rain in the 2017 competition.

Ray entered the stage with her two dogs.

Then, she commanded one of the dogs to stay by the prop lamppost while she started the performance with the other.

YouTube Screenshot - Crufts
YouTube Screenshot - Crufts

Almost immediately, you can see her sheer talent and passion.

The dog weaved between her legs and then looked from side to side as she commanded.

YouTube Screenshot - Crufts
YouTube Screenshot - Crufts

As if that’s not impressive enough, the dog even walked toward her with one leg crossing the other.

It even spun around with an umbrella in its mouth as if it was truly performing.

The audience swooned when the dog danced with its little umbrella too.

But the moment that captured everyone’s hearts was when the dog hugged Ray’s leg and looked at her with its puppy eyes as if asking if it did a great job.

YouTube Screenshot - Crufts
YouTube Screenshot - Crufts

It seems easy, but if you look closely, the dogs exhibit the qualities of a perfect heel position.

When not doing tricks, they always stayed at Ray’s left side with their heads in line with her legs.

They also don’t get distracted.

Their focus was always on Ray.

Soon the two dogs performed together.

They walked around the stage doing even more complex tricks together.

One is putting one foot in the air before switching to the other.

YouTube Screenshot - Crufts
YouTube Screenshot - Crufts

Ray commanded the dogs only through voice, showing how attentive and intelligent these dogs were.

Ray has been in the dog training industry since the 1980s.

She made her debut when she joined the Rugby Dog Training Club in 1978.

She eventually became the club’s head trainer in the 1980s.

Even when the agility competitions were still fairly new, Ray became one of the best trainers to perform in said competitions.

It was with the Heelwork To Music, however, that Ray truly shone.

The competition was established in the 1990s.

People all over the internet loved the performance.

“I don’t do dog shows, but for years I have turned on Crufts just to watch this amazing lady and her beautiful dogs. This year was just out of this world,” one comment said.

“These dogs are absolutely loving the work they do,” said another. “I have owned and worked collies and heelers and you can really tell when the dogs are enjoying what they do and these dogs are loving it.”

Watch this amazing performance of Mary Ray and her dogs in a Heelwork To Music competition.

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