Great Dane Refuses To Get Out Of Bed In Hilarious Fashion

August 21st, 2017

For some people, getting up very early is a daily routine. Ray Prevo is one of the owners of The Bagel Factory in Birmingham, Michigan, where people can enjoy tasty and fresh sweets and a complete breakfast starting from 6 AM in the morning. Because Ray needs to make a lot of preparations on a daily basis, he sets his alarm clock at 3:30 AM in the morning.

Three thirty AM doesn’t exactly sound like most ideal time to get out of bed, but we can imagine the smell of fresh bagels is a good incentive to wake up.

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Ray Prevo Source: Ray Prevo

The same can’t be said for his adorable Great Dane puppy, however, who simply refuses to get out of bed and even seems to talk to his owner complaining about his early start of the day.

Even though the alarm clock went off, the adorable puppy Thor is too sleepy to give it any notable attention. Owner Ray has to try and convince Thor to get up but doesn’t seem to have much luck.

The man posted a hilarious video on YouTube with two minutes of footage trying to get Thor out of bed.

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Ray Prevo Source: Ray Prevo

At first, it looks like Ray succeeded in his task but it was all a ruse. The pup tries to get out of bed but then decides to stay in bed just a little longer, because why not.

Unfortunately for Thor, a snooze button doesn’t exist for dogs, so he tries to ignore his owner instead. Ray tries again and again to persuade Thor, but the cute Great Dane isn’t having any of it. Even with a number of belly rubs, the dog just moves a little bit in the bed and starts wiggling his tail but never tries to get out of it.

The whole thing is even funnier if you listen closely to the sounds Thor makes.

His barks and yells seemingly sound like a “No”, especially at 1:59 in the video where a very loud and convincing “No” can be heard.

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Ray Prevo Source: Ray Prevo

With over 20 million views, Thor has almost reached celebrity status on YouTube. When Ray posted the video, he never expected his video to go viral.

Granted, most would probably be acting in a similar way if someone would try to wake you up so early, but the whole thing is absolutely hilarious nonetheless. Be sure to check out the amazing video below.

Too sweet!

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]Source: Ray Prevo