Brave ‘miracle’ dog with two legs learns how to run
Dixie is a brave and resilient dog.
D.G. Sciortino

The moment you meet Dixie you can clearly see that she is a special dog.

For starters, she’s only got two legs.

But it’s what she does with those two legs that make her special.

Dixie can get around just about as well on her two legs as any other dog can with four.

She doesn’t need to use a wheelchair and can go for 2-mile hikes and go down stairs.

“In 2018 when I adopted Dixie, she would kind of curl her back legs and hold them up against her body,” Dixie’s mom Brittany told The Dodo.

“She had really big wounds from dragging her legs around before she was rescued. Every single day I would have to unwrap and clean them. Put ointment on them. And although she couldn’t feel them, it was like dead weight and these legs were just getting in the way.”

Dixie tried hydrotherapy and hated it. She also tried to use a wheelchair.

“She didn’t seem like she really ever loved it. She just wanted to be free,” Brittany said. “When she was in the wheelchair, she didn’t have that big smile and she didn’t seem to be trying to explore.”

Eventually, Dixie ended up getting a bone infection that would not heal.

So, Brittany ultimately decided to move forward with surgery to remove Dixie’s paralyzed back legs.

“The vet was preparing me and saying it might take her a little while to adjust. But after the surgery the vet was like, ‘I have never seen a dog adjust this well to an amputation in my life.’ I knew at that moment that I made the right decision, and it was like a weight lifted off of not only Dixie but also me,” Brittany said.

Dixie has been thriving ever since she had surgery and has developed amazing upper body strength.

She learned how to get over the sliding door threshold by lifting her butt high in the air and hopping over it.

“When Dixie gets really excited, she does a handstand. She has never fallen over. It’s insane to me just how strong she is. Her body does so many amazing things,” Brittany said on Instagram.

Facebook Video Screenshot
Facebook Video Screenshot

Dixie even taught herself how to get down the stairs.

“I was so proud of her because I knew it was the goal she wanted to accomplish herself,” Brittany said.

Besides having only two legs, Dixie is a dog that loves to go for walks and be outside.

“She only has two legs but she’s so happy nothing can stop her. Just watching her run toward me with a big smile on her face is the cutest thing ever,” Brittany said. “She’s happier than she’s ever been because she’s independent.”

Facebook Video Screenshot
Facebook Video Screenshot

Brittany says she sees Dixie in the same light as she does the autistic children she works with their differences just being a part of what makes them special.

“The most satisfying part of Dixie’s journey is seeing her being able to do all of these great things that nobody ever thought she would do,” Brittany said.

She’s very happy to see that Dixie had the strength to thrive.

“She has taught me to persevere. If Dixie can do it, I can do it. She’s given me a reason to be proud of myself for the accomplishments that she and I have come through together. She’s just the light of my life.”

Learn more about Dixie’s story in the video below.

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