Mom Looks Outside, Bursts Out Laughing When She Sees Man's Hilarious Wrestling Match With Dog

January 22nd, 2018

Christmas and New Year’s Eve have now come and gone.

Although the holidays are gone, it often takes us a lot longer to fully take down all of our decorations. Putting the knick-knacks around the house away is one thing. But if you hung lights up, it’s always a major chore to break out the ladder and carefully take them down, roll them up and box them away for next year.

Still, there are few things we hold onto for more time than we do our Christmas trees.

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Getting rid of an old tree is always a hassle.

For those of us who get real trees, moving these things after they’re dry often leads to a huge, pine needle-y mess throughout your home. Getting it out of the home safely without damaging anything is only one part of the ordeal. Once it’s finally out of the house, it should be easy enough to throw onto a bonfire or into the woods, right? Well, not always.

One family in Charleston, South Carolina found out the hard way just how challenging tree disposal can be.

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In a video recently posted on Facebook, a man is seen dragging a Christmas tree through his backyard.

He lugs it over to the fence where he plans to heave it over the edge. Unfortunately, the man also has some pet German Shepherds who have other plans! Right as he starts to get momentum to launch the tree, his two dogs grab hold of the thick end and drag it back down. He scrambles back to his feet but now the dogs think the process is a game!

Fortunately, the man’s wife was sitting inside filming the entire debacle.

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The man struggles, wrestles, repositions the tree multiple times while being dragged down by his dogs.

Finally, he is able to upright the tree and flips it over the fence before his dogs can get to it. The clip was later loaded to Facebook and has been viewed more than 32 million times! Although we all have trouble getting rid of holiday decorations when it’s finally time to, this video truly takes that predicament to the next level! Just remember: the next time you complain about taking the lights down or getting rid of a tree, be grateful that you don’t have two German Shepherds on your heels!

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Posted by Erin Sharkey Graham on Saturday, January 13, 2018

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