Dog Covers Baby With Blanket
It's like a real-life Nana from Peter Pan!
D.G. Sciortino

There’s nothing like drifting into a sweet sleep and having someone loving place a blanket over you so that you can be cozy in your slumber. Moms are the best at this. But they aren’t the only ones who do it well.

Some animals also have motherly instincts that kick in when their babies or even human babies are around.

They will make sure that the babies are safe and protected. Some dogs are really good at playing mommy with other baby animals or human babies. Take the dog in the video below for example. The video reveals a precious moment where the dog is trying to cover up a diaper-clad baby who is fast asleep on a blanket.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

The pup is shown nudging the side of the cozy blanket up over the baby so that the child is covered. The dog walks around the baby to make sure it is fully covered.

He decides that his job is done and walks away.

But now the baby is missing his little friend and starts to wail. Apparently, being cozy in a blanket is nothing compared to being cozy with your favorite fuzzy buddy. And we’re not the only ones who think so! This video has been viewed more than 8 million times on YouTube.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

“This is why dogs are the best kinds of pets,” said one YouTuber user.

“I think the dog was only checking if the baby was alright…dogs can sense when babies or grown ass humans have breathing problems while sleeping more-so with labs,” another said.

Actually, there were a lot of different theories about why the dog was exhibiting this kind of behavior.

“My dog (many dogs) does this same thing when hiding his food or his toys. The dog has no idea of warmth from blankets or tucking in,” one YouTuber said. “He may feel ownership towards the baby or as one of his toys. Hopefully, he won’t eat it later when he gets to feeling peckish.”

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

“It doesn’t matter if “your dog” does something similar to hide treats etc. The point is THIS dog is not hiding a treat, he or she is covering a baby. Dogs are actually excellent at learned behavior and this dog has probably seen the babybeing covered with a blanket before,” another argues. “They can also be very protective and nurturing of infants whether or not the infant is canine. So I have no trouble seeing this as a dog making sure the baby was covered. They are also intelligent enough to know getting under a blanket makes you warm (my lot burrow under the dog quilt or even under my bed quilt LOL). Dogs are smarter than many give them credit for & are not completely ruled by basic instincts.”

Either way, this baby looks happy and safe and his parent must love having an extra mom in the home, even if it is a four-legged one!

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