Loyal dog jumps on back of ambulance to follow her beloved owner to the hospital

October 23rd, 2020

While driving home at night back in August of 2020, Anderson Fechner Bahi saw a man being loaded into an ambulance in Uruguaiana, in Brazil’s Rio Grande do Sul.

“I was passing in my car when I saw an ambulance stopped on the other side of the road,” Bahi told The Dodo.

And what he saw made him ready his camera.

An unexpected problem

Apparently, the man had become ill while out with his dog. But no more information is available about what had happened to him or why the ambulance was necessary.

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While we don’t know the protocol for dealing with a pet accompanying a patient in an ambulance in Brazil, the little dog didn’t give first responders much of a choice. In the U.S., typically an animal would be taken by other emergency personnel on the scene (such as police or firefighters) and delivered to a friend or relative (or to animal control if no one could be found).

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But this little pup let the paramedics know that she was heading to the hospital with them whether they let her into the vehicle or not. And she proved it by jumping up on the bumper of the vehicle.

She was ready to take a ride that way if that’s what it took. But luckily, it didn’t (we’d hate to see what happens during a hard turn or a sudden brake!).

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Loyal companion

Dogs are loyal creatures, and this pup is not the first one to insist on an ambulance ride.

She’s just lucky she didn’t have to chase it down first like this dog did:

Dog follows owner (in ambulance) to the hospital from r/Eyebleach

After the dog owner was loaded into the ambulance, Bahi began recording the loyal pup’s actions. There was nothing he could do from his car, but he knew the moment was a special one.

“The love this dog has for her owner is something very special,” Bahi said. “A faithful love.”

From another video he posted, it appears the dog had been running around the ambulance prior to the door being closed, so the medics likely knew she was there.

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Facebook - Anderson Fechner Bahi Source: Facebook - Anderson Fechner Bahi

Perhaps they had intended to take her, but what she was insisting on was riding in the back with her owner.

Fortunately, they figured that out as they came around to open the doors. Then, one medic and one dog hopped in before it drove off to the hospital

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Facebook - Anderson Fechner Bahi Source: Facebook - Anderson Fechner Bahi

As the ambulance sped away, it looked like that was all anyone would hear of the story.

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Facebook - Anderson Fechner Bahi Source: Facebook - Anderson Fechner Bahi

It’s a small world

Someone named Amal Saker was clearly reading Bahi’s post while outside the hospital because when she saw the dog, she knew it was the same one.

Of course, it helps when you dress your dog in a red sweater – it helps them stand out wherever they are.

It turns out the pup was waiting outside the hospital doors for her owner to emerge (it would be dangerous to let a dog in the hospital, after all).

Somehow, a local animal rescuer named Maria Lúcia Muniz found there was a dog waiting for its owner outside of the hospital.

According to The Dodo, she offered to take the dog in for the night, but there was no need.

Everyone commenting on the story was happy to hear that the dog’s wait wasn’t long — and her faithfulness paid off.

“It was very emotional,” Muniz told The Dodo. “But thank God, the owner was only hospitalized for 45 minutes. His family arrived to take him and his dog home.”

Be sure to scroll down below for the original post from Anderson Fechner Bahi.

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Source: Unilad, Facebook – Anderson Fechner Bahi, The Dodo