Dog Gets Graduation Photo

February 9th, 2018

Some of the proudest accomplishments in our lives involve graduations. Whether it’s from elementary school, middle school, high school, or college— they are all special moments in their own right.

But why should these moments be reserved for only humans?

Olivia Dufresne and her twin sister decided that they shouldn’t and that they would create a graduation photo for their dog Yogi with Photoshop.

“We adore him and, even if he is not a human, we consider him like an entire member of our family,” Olivia Dufresne told

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Pamela Dufresne Source: Pamela Dufresne

“He is our little price, our little treasure,” Pamela Dufresne told The Dodo.

Yogi had just turned 12, which is the grade that one normally graduates from elementary school in Quebec.

“He’s very intelligent, and he understands a lot of words that many dogs wouldn’t,” Pamela said. “Talking to him is like talking to a human. When we cry, he tries to make us laugh by licking our tears. When we have an argument, he puts himself between us.”

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Pamela Dufresne Source: Pamela Dufresne

They figured that since he was like their little brother and that he learned more than he would have in dog school, his graduation picture deserved to be on the wall next to theirs.

“Since we were young, my sister and I love to imagine different scenarios in which our dog acts like a human: going to school, playing soccer, crossing the border illegally, playing video games, getting arrested,” Pamela explains. “In our imagination, he did all those things!”

It was one of those weird conversations where they came up with the idea to make the Maltese-Yorkshire terrier-Shih Tzu mix a graduation photo.

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Olivia Dufresne Source: Olivia Dufresne

“As a surprise, my sister Olivia decided to secretly make a graduation picture,” Pamela recalls. “Then, while nobody was at home, she replaced an old baby picture that was hanging between me and my sister’s graduation pictures with our dog’s graduation picture.”

Olivia did such a good job that her family didn’t even notice right away.

“When we did, we laughed for a good 10 minutes, then we cried a little out of proudness,” Pamela said. “To this day, Yogi’s graduation picture is the main attraction of the living room.”

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Pamela Dufresne Source: Pamela Dufresne

The Dufresne sisters say that Yogi’s graduation photo now has a permanent place on the wall in between theirs.

“It will probably stand there ’til our death,'” Pamela said. “We love him so much!”

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Source: The Dodo