Dog found wandering alone with ‘heartbreaking’ note on collar
The animal shelter who took the dog in wanted to help the dog and her human family.
D.G. Sciortino

Lilo’s human mom was left with no choice other than to abandon her dog.

Thankfully a Good Samaritan found the dog wandering the streets along and brought her to McKamey Animal Center in Tennessee.

Lilo had her leash on and a collar with a note left by her owner. What the note revealed was absolutely heartbreaking.

“My name is Lilo. Please love me. My mom can’t keep me and is homeless with 2 kids. She tried her best but can’t get help. I cost too much for her. She really loves me & I’m a great dog & love to be loved on. Please don’t abuse me.”

The folks at McKamey Animal Center were glad that Lilo was now in safe hands.

But they also worried about the family as well. The center decided to leave a message for Lilo’s mom on their social media pages.

The message apologized for her having to make such a difficult decision to begin with.

They also acknowledge that Lilo was clearly loved and Lilo’s family wasn’t alone in struggling with affording a pet and avoiding or experiencing homelessness.

The message assured mom that Lilo was safe, taken care of, and will be loved. They promised they would keep her name and that they would help her care for her if she reclaimed the dog.

If not, they also vowed to find her a loving new home if that wasn’t possible.

More importantly, they wanted this woman to know that Lilo was definitely missing her mom and that they did not judge her at all.

Lilo’s mom reached out to the shelter a few days after they made that post. Lilo’s mom came to visit and was in tears.

Those who worked at the shelter wanted to help Lilo’s mom and her children find a home and resources to get her back on her feet.

Unfortunately, the McKamey Animal Center says this isn’t the only pet owner they’ve seen that has experienced homelessness.

“Abandoning an animal is illegal, but more importantly, it should never have to be an option,” the shelter said.

They welcome those who are struggling to seek assistance and find out what resources are available to help with pets.

A WPLN stated that homelessness in Tennessee has spiked by 45 percent since pre-pandemic levels in January 2020.

Pixabay - paulaquiyahora
Pixabay - paulaquiyahora

In January 2020, about 7,256 Tennesseans were considered to be homeless. That number shot up to 10,500 by January 2022.

Homeless rates had actually fallen between 2007 and 2019.

Post-pandemic joblessness, soaring rental prices, and other rises in costs of living have left people struggling, said.

Pixabay - intelligentnetware
Pixabay - intelligentnetware

How has Tennessee responded to these people who are victims of inflation and policies put forth by elected officials?

By further criminalizing poverty.

It is now a felony to pitch a tent on public land outside of a designated campsite, according to CNN.

Thankfully there are people like the folks at McKamey Animal Center who are looking to help.

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