Smart dog flees to doggy day care for help following car crash with owner
Aries ran off following the crash and knew just where to go to get help.
Sasha Alonzo

A Canine’s Courageous Journey

Picture this: a sunny day in Detroit, turned upside down by a sudden car accident.

In the midst of this unexpected chaos, a brave four-legged hero emerges.

Meet Aries, a spirited 3-year-old pit bull mix, who finds herself in a frightening situation when her owner’s car is hit.

But what she does next is nothing short of remarkable.

WXYZ-TV Detroit - YouTube
WXYZ-TV Detroit - YouTube

A Dash for Safety

In the immediate aftermath of the crash, Aries doesn’t panic.

Instead, she makes a split-second decision to seek help.

With the car window down, she leaps out and embarks on a daring dash.

Her destination?

Hounds Town, the doggy daycare she knows and loves, located about a mile away from the crash site.

It’s proof of her intelligence and her deep bond with the place that feels like a second home.

WXYZ-TV Detroit - YouTube
WXYZ-TV Detroit - YouTube

The Owner’s Perspective

Melissa Fickel, Aries’ devoted owner, recalls the moment with a mix of awe and relief.

“I had the windows down because Aries likes to hang her head out. As soon as there was that smack, as soon as I felt and heard it, almost instantaneously, she was out the window.”

Thankfully, the accident resulted in only minor damages and no injuries, but Fickel’s immediate concern was for Aries’ safety.

WXYZ-TV Detroit - YouTube
WXYZ-TV Detroit - YouTube

Worry and Relief

As Fickel stayed behind to deal with the aftermath of the accident and talk to the police, her mind was filled with worry.

Where had Aries gone?

The possibilities were frightening – running into traffic, getting lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

But Aries had other plans.

WXYZ-TV Detroit - YouTube
WXYZ-TV Detroit - YouTube

A Familiar Refuge

The surveillance video from Hounds Town captures a heartwarming scene.

Aries, in her moment of need, arrives at the daycare.

She stands on her hind legs, peering into the place she associates with care and comfort.

It’s a poignant image of a dog seeking refuge where she feels most loved.

WXYZ-TV Detroit - YouTube
WXYZ-TV Detroit - YouTube

A Surprising Visitor

Inside Hounds Town, it’s a typical day.

Dominic Pace, the general manager, is amidst the routine of a noon break, attending to emails and phone calls.

Suddenly, something unusual grabs his attention. “We noticed something dart past the front door,” he recounts to USA TODAY.

“It was like a black blur that just went past.” Stepping outside, Pace and his colleague are greeted by an unexpected visitor – Aries, standing there, panting and slightly distressed.

WXYZ-TV Detroit - YouTube
WXYZ-TV Detroit - YouTube

Recognition and Relief

Bringing Aries inside, the staff at Hounds Town quickly recognize her.

They call Travis Ogdenover, the daycare owner, who in turn contacts Fickel.

The relief in Fickel’s voice is palpable when she learns that Aries is safe, having found her way to a familiar sanctuary.

It’s a moment of profound gratitude and joy for everyone involved.

WXYZ-TV Detroit - YouTube
WXYZ-TV Detroit - YouTube

Understanding Aries’ Choice

Reflecting on the incident, Pace offers an insight into why Aries might have chosen to run to the daycare.

Dogs, he notes, are incredibly intuitive.

Aries sensed safety and familiarity at Hounds Town, a place where she’s showered with affection and belly rubs.

“Dogs do have an intuition of knowing where they are and where they can be safe,” Pace observes, highlighting the deep emotional intelligence of our canine companions.

WXYZ-TV Detroit - YouTube
WXYZ-TV Detroit - YouTube

More Than Just a Pet

Aries’ story is more than just an account of a dog’s reaction to a car accident.

It’s a narrative that underscores the profound connection between pets and their favorite places, the unspoken understanding and trust they place in their human caregivers.

Aries, with her instinctive run to safety and her love for belly rubs, embodies the loyalty, intelligence, and emotional depth of dogs.

Her journey is a reminder of the extraordinary bond we share with our four-legged friends.

Watch Aries outside the daycare in the video below.

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