People can't get enough of Milo and his friendship with the butterflies in his backyard

June 8th, 2021

Milo is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever come across. He is kind and loves all plants and living creatures. He also loves to explore, and he genuinely enjoys the time that he gets to spend outdoors.

For Milo, it’s more than just having his heart in the right place. He also has the perfect gentle demeanor.

He’s so careful and sweet that even butterflies trust him. They aren’t afraid to perch on the head of this gentle soul. They know they will be safe there.

That’s pretty amazing!

It’s hard not to smile when you see how much love he really has for his winged friends.

Spending mornings in the garden

Milo loves checking out the garden every morning. He happily walks along with his owner and sniffs at the vegetables. If his owner shows interest in a particular plant, he will examine it closely to make sure that everything is alright. He carefully sticks his nose right into the plants just to be certain.

Being there to “help out” with gardening tasks is one of the highlights of his day.

More than that, he also loves the monarch butterflies.

You can see his eyes light up when he spots one fluttering through the air. He bounds after them, moving carefully but playfully beneath them as they fly.

Making a home for the butterflies

Luckily for Milo, according to a YouTube video from The Dodo, his owner has noticed how much he loves seeing the butterflies and makes sure to encourage the large monarchs to stay in the area. They grow milkweed in the garden so that the monarchs can have somewhere to lay their eggs.

Once the caterpillars appear, Milo’s owner carefully collects them and places them in a butterfly box with everything that they need, including protection from predators and bad weather.

Now, Milo gets to watch the entire process of them growing from caterpillars into beautiful butterflies. He loves it!

He carefully inspects and sniffs at the caterpillars during every step of the process, making sure not to come too close or harm them in any way. His excitement is obvious, but it doesn’t stop him from being extra careful.

Maybe he knows what they will become and wants to see them grow into butterflies! We do know that his care for the small creatures comes through in every step of the process.

Watching them grow and fly

When the caterpillars become butterflies, Milo is the happiest dog on the planet. He watches over them and keeps them safe. He’ll even let them rest on his nose. This dog is super gentle and patient. He knows that his best friends are delicate.

A crown of flowers

His mom went a step further and gave him a crown of flowers to help attract more butterflies. It worked! Sometimes, he has several resting on his head at the same time. This gentle dog simply sits patiently and carefully, making sure not to disturb them at all.

Absolute bliss

This is one very happy dog. The butterflies seem pleased too. They have a good friend in Milo.

Do you want to see their friendship for yourself?

Check out the video below.

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