Dog Attempts to Play Fetch With a Statue

June 30th, 2020

Dogs love nothing more than playing fetch. There’s something about running after a ball and carrying it back to their owner that is so satisfying for them, and they would do it all day if they were given the choice.

So when a dog that was a massive fetch enthusiast found somebody who wouldn’t throw the ball for him, it was as if his whole world has come to an end. But the person in question wasn’t a heartless animal hater – they were in fact a statue.

The poor pooch just couldn’t get his head around the fact that he had met someone who wasn’t going to play fetch with him, and it’s so adorable to see.

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Happy happy happy 😃

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Cornbread the pup had always loved anything that involves tennis balls.

He could literally play with them all day, and he is obsessed to the point where the balls have to be hidden away during certain parts of the day so he can get some downtime.

“I have to keep the balls away from him in the house or else he’ll obsess over them,” Carly Gill, Cornbread’s mom, told The Dodo. “He has to have designated ‘ball time,’ and then the balls are put away.”

Carly taught Cornbread to play fetch by encouraging the pooch to drop the ball into her hand before she would throw it. He soon got the hang of it and decided that it was his favorite ever game.

“[He] was constantly bringing the ball to me or anyone who was around,” Carly said.

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You workout, I’ll keep the mat warm 🏋️

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One day, Carly took Cornbread for a day out at a friend’s house. Apparently, despite there being a doggy pool, sprinklers, and other dogs at the house, Carly’s obsessed pup was only interested in one thing: playing fetch. He repeatedly brought his ball back to every human who would play with him, then when everyone grew tired of throwing the ball, he dropped it at the feet of the one person who hadn’t yet played with him.

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He was a tall gray man and he was standing very still – but that wasn’t enough to put Cornbread off. He was determined to give it his best shot if that meant he could carry on playing his favorite game.

“He kept bringing the ball to us to throw, but we got busy and weren’t playing with him,” Carly said. “Next thing we knew, he was dropping the ball at the Statue of David and barking at him!”

Cornbread repeatedly dropped the ball at the statue’s feet, but try as he might, the statue just wasn’t down for playing! The poor pup was beginning to lose faith that he’d ever be able to play fetch again, so when Carly noticed that he was beginning to look a little crestfallen, she began to throw the ball for him again.

Immediately, he cheered up again and was back to his happy self.

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Come on David, throw the ball!

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“He’s a great companion and is loved by everyone,” she said. “He’s brought joy, love, fun and a little bit of chaos into my life! He is the life of the party wherever he goes.”

You can see more of Cornbread and his adorable brother Checkers over on their Instagram account.

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Source: checkers.and.cornbread, The Dodo