Determined bulldog puppy teaches himself how to walk
This sweet abandoned dog was determined to walk on his own.
D.G. Sciortino

Bueller could not be sold. Therefore his owners believed his life no longer mattered since he couldn’t make them any money.

But the folks at the Sacramento SPCA felt otherwise.

Bueller, a disabled bulldog puppy, was surrendered in a box to the Sacramento SPCA by a breeder. The breeder would have killed the dog otherwise.

The poor dog was in awful shape and couldn’t walk at all but was otherwise healthy. He was born with something called Swimmer’s Syndrome, which made him unable to stand or walk.

The folks at the Sacramento SPCA had to consider whether or not they thought Bueller was worthy of life and whether or not they should help him try to walk. But they saw that Bueller wanted to live.

“Bueller has this determination to get what he wants,” Dr. Laurie the Sacramento SPCA’s Chief of Shelter Medicine told The Dodo.

And what Bueller wanted was to walk.

So, the Sacramento SPCA decided to give Bueller extensive therapy. They used water therapy and other methods to help strengthen Bueller’s muscles.

The Dodo - YouTube
The Dodo - YouTube

The staff was extremely thrilled on the day that Bueller was able to hold his weight up with his feet under him.

“That was a big milestone. That’s where we saw that, okay. here’s the first step toward success,” Dr. Laurie said.

The Dodo - YouTube
The Dodo - YouTube

Bueller then graduated to using a wheelchair, which really helped him to learn how to walk on his own.

“The first time we saw him actually walking, all of us were just about in tears,” Dr. Laurie said.

It wasn’t long before Bueller was ready to find a forever home and be put up for adoption.

Bueller’s story ended up going viral. The video of his story on The Dodo has been viewed more than 8.6 million times.

So, he had quite a lot of people looking to adopt him.

But the folks at the Sacramento SPCA wanted to make sure that Bueller found the very best home. So, they asked applicants to write a letter explaining why their family would be the best family for Bueller.

“It was actually a really hard essay for me. Because we had just lost our dog to cancer,” Lindsay Taylor, Bueller’s adoptive mother, told ABC 10.

Sacramento SPCA Communications Director Lesley Kirrene said the Taylors’ love of bulldogs really caught the SPCA’s attention.

“When people have their dogs in their wedding, that always says something to us. They’re part of the family. And their dog Chubbs was definitely part of their family,” Kirrene said.

Taylor and her husband’s beloved bulldog Chubbs passed away a few months prior.

They weren’t sure if they were ready for a new bulldog until they saw Bueller.

“But we have so much love to give – really to any animal, but Bueller just pulled at our heartstrings,” Taylor said. “He’s just a really strong little guy, and we’re just really excited to have him as odur family member.”

Learn more about Bueller in the video below.

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