Dad nervous to introduce his only child cat that’s been kissing him for 18 yrs to his human brother
For 18 years it had just been Mango and his dad, but after meeting someone special everything was about to change.
Jaclyn Abergas

Meet Mango and Paul. Mango is Paul’s cat and only child for 18 years.

Mango loves to give Paul kisses and give him so much love. They have “heart-to-heart” talks and Mango can just spend all day giving Paul kisses.

YouTube - The Dodo
YouTube - The Dodo

When Paul met his future wife, Tiffany, he told her that Mango loved to give kisses.

Two thoughts immediately came to her mind. She thought this cat was so special but, at the same time, she was so skeptical because she couldn’t believe a cat loved to give kisses.

But when she finally met Mango, the first thing he did was come over to Tiffany and give her a kiss.

YouTube - The Dodo
YouTube - The Dodo

It was true!

Although Mango loves to kiss Paul and Tiffany, it’s clear Mango loves his dad the most. They have an unbreakable bond that can’t be matched.

That’s why Paul and Tiffany were so nervous when they found out they were expecting a human baby.

YouTube - The Dodo
YouTube - The Dodo

“When we have Hayden, how is Mango going to feel about this? How are we going to introduce them? We’re going to rock his world with this baby? We’re actually nervous about it,” Tiffany shared.

And that made so much sense.

He spent more than a decade just being Paul’s only child. It was only the two of them for so many years. And then they had Tiffany. And now they were going to have another member added to their family. Will Mango resent it? Will Mango hate it? Or will Mango love the baby?

But when Tiffany and Paul took Hayden, their human baby, home, Mango immediately accepted him.

Mango knew this was his brother and they were going to love each other.

Of course, like with their parents, Mango loved to give Hayden kisses and Hayden loved to give him kisses as well. They spend their days beside each other, always together. It turned out Tiffany and Paul never had to worry about the two of them.

They loved each other and loved being loved by each other.

Tiffany and Paul always called Mango their “angel in a cat package.”

And, unfortunately, after 19 years of living with each other, their angel in a cat package has become their angel now. Mango passed away in February 2022 after a slew of medical conditions slowed him down and eventually ended his life.

“Mango was our first baby and we experienced a greater life because of him. When we struggled to conceive, he was there for all the struggles. He taught his little brother gentleness and love… He was truly a once in a thousand lifetimes cat. We will miss your sweet kisses and love, Mango,” Paul wrote on Mango’s Instagram account.

It’s especially hard for Paul to live a life without Mango now.

But they’re eternally grateful that his son and his wife were able to experience the love that Mango had to give.

Would you like to see Mango give Paul, Tiffany, and Hayden lots of kisses? Watch the video below.

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By Jaclyn Abergas
Jaclyn Abergas is a contributor at SBLY Media.