Dad catches pit bulls eating spaghetti and their hilarious reaction is out of a cartoon

May 2nd, 2021

Have you ever been caught in the middle of a mischievous act?

What did you do? Were you embarrassed? Did you laugh it off? Did your face turn red?

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What happens when we get caught in the act?

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In a study published in 2013, scientists found out that being caught red-handed can literally weigh a person down. A person’s guilt directly affects his perception of his weight. This is why being forgiven is a very liberating thing.

Our fur babies also feel bad when they are caught.

We have all been there. We see a chewed-on shoe and our babies hide from us. They even look at us with literal puppy eyes to ask for forgiveness.

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Was the spaghetti worth it?

In a YouTube video that has been viewed over three million times, we see how two adorable pit bulls react when their owners catch them doing something fairly naughty.

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In the video, the dogs are seen doing a thing dogs normally do. They are eating. However, when they see that their owners are watching them, they freeze.

Eating should not make a dog feel bad. But these two decides to eat off their parents’ plate. Worse, it looks like this was their humans’ dinner!

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Should they stay or should they go?

As their humans take the video, the two dogs do not move. The spaghetti is in their mouths but they do not chew. One even has a string of pasta hanging from his mouth.

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They must think that not doing anything will absolve them

The two dogs continue to stop moving for a good number of seconds. They act as if they coordinated. They both do not do anything. Perhaps, some dog telepathy is going on.

In the background, we hear their humans laugh. They are amused at how their babies are reacting. The pit bulls’ fight or flight instincts are gone. It is their freeze instinct that is in action.

The dogs look like that they want to disappear. They appear very embarrassed. They also look clueless as to what the right course of action should be.

As soon as they hear the words okay…

..the two cuties start chewing.

They are really hungry. They seem to love spaghetti. They start chowing when their humans give them the go-signal.

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They know that their owners love them

The pit bulls continue enjoying the spaghetti. The guilt they feel must have been because they are eating their humans’ food. They just love spaghetti that much.

They also know in their hearts that their humans love them enough to let them get away with it. It did not prevent the embarrassing situation. However, the two cuties are confident of their parents’ love for them,

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This video totally shows that pit bulls are a kind breed

Pit bulls have a controversial reputation. For many years, this breed has been very well-liked and popular. However, in the 1980s, because of some irresponsible owners they became unpopular for being aggressive.

However, pit bulls generally have good temperaments. They are great companions. They are gentle, loyal, and fun.

Do you have a pit bull (or any dog) that has been caught in the act, too? Can you relate to this story?

Watch this video and laugh your hearts off as the two cuties try unsuccessfully to get away with it.

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