Couple Rescue Stray Kitten Who Lost Her Voice
When this couple found this kitten, she couldn't even meow, but look at her now!
Rachel Shapiro

Justin Caffier and Erica Kim were walking down the street one day when they saw a scrawny kitten wandering around by herself. When she noticed the couple looking at her, she tried to meow, but no sound came out.

The kitten was clearly malnourished and needed help fast, so the couple quickly looked for animal rescue organizations in their area. When they found Friends for Life Rescue Network, they knew it was the right choice for this tiny kitten.

“[Caffier] was leaving town that afternoon for a week and didn’t know what to do. He said, when he returned, he would be happy to help find her a home and foster her,” Jacqueline DeAmor, the co-founder of Friends for Life, told Love Meow.

Fflrescuenetwork via Instagram
Fflrescuenetwork via Instagram

DeAmor brought the little black kitten to a veterinarian, and she learned that the kitten was eight weeks old and weighed only one pound. She also had fleas and was terribly dehydrated. Medicine in hand, DeAmor brought the kitten home with her. She named the cat Whisper because of how quiet she was.

When Caffier and Kim got home from their trip, they began fostering little Whisper. Under their care, the kitten started feeling better and better. She gained weight, and she loved cuddling with her rescuers.

Friends for Life Rescue Network via Facebook
Friends for Life Rescue Network via Facebook

Caffier and Kim noticed one strange thing about Whisper: she didn’t respond to sounds like other kittens. DeAmor told Love Meow:

“She was walking with her head tilted and did not respond to vocal cues. After ruling out an inner ear infection, ear damage, etc, we realized that she was deaf.”

Now that the kitten is feeling better, she’s started meowing again. But according to DeAmor, the name Whisper doesn’t quite fit her anymore:

“We originally named her Whisper because when she would try to meow, nothing would come out. Now, she has found her voice and has no idea how loud she is.”

Fflrescuenetwork via Instagram
Fflrescuenetwork via Instagram

After spending a few weeks fostering the kitten, Caffier and Kim completely fell in love with her, and they formally adopted her. They also gave her a new name, Maghi.

“She has such a personality. She has a hilarious mischievous side, but she’s also so sweet and tolerant of me always wanting to hug her and hold her,” Kim told Love Meow.

Maghi has grown from a one-pound kitten who couldn’t even make a sound to an adult cat with a healthy and loud meow. This adorable cat has a great future ahead of her!

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