Chipmunk falls in love with woman and gets jealous when she pays attention to other chipmunks
Charlie DOES NOT like his girlfriend giving attention to other chipmunks. πŸ˜‚
Madison Maxwell

One day, Borjana Anicin was spending time in her parents’ backyard when she noticed something small running back and forth that caught her attention.

Eventually, she came across the moving object which turned out to be a little chipmunk!

When she realized it was friendly, she named her new little furry friend Charlie.

At first, Charlie was hesitant around Borjana and didn’t want to get too close.

But, it didn’t take long before it seemed that they were good friends.

Borjana won over Charlie with her treats.

Borjana and Charlie’s relationship started with her offering Charlie treats and slowly earning his trust.

Soon after, Borjana had more company than just Charlie, he even brought a friend of his own to meet her.

Borjana named the new addition to their group Buddy!

And Buddy and Borjana became fast friends.

Charlie the jealous chipmunk.

As Borjana started making more chipmunk friends, she noticed that Charlie became jealous and mad at her.

He stopped eating Borjana’s treats, and he wasn’t running up to her for attention anymore.

It turns out that chipmunks are quite territorial, and Charlie didn’t want to share Borjana’s attention with anyone else!

Winning Charlie back over.

YouTube - The Dodo
YouTube - The Dodo

Borjana was determined to keep her friendship with Charlie strong and had to find a way to win him back and help him overcome his jealousy.

She made sure to spend extra time with Charlie and stayed persistent until he took her treats to show him that he was still her special friend.

Borjana and Charlie’s matching beauty mark!

Instagram - Borjana Anicin
Instagram - Borjana Anicin

As their relationship developed, Borjana noticed something else that made her friendship with Charlie even more special.

Both she and Charlie had beauty marks above their top lip, almost mirroring each other.

Borjana’s birthmark was on the left side, while Charlie’s was on the right.

YouTube - The Dodo
YouTube - The Dodo

Charlie even knows certain commands.

Through their time spent together, Borjana began to believe that Charlie could understand commands like “freeze” and “go.”

When he would run up to her hand with treats, she would say “freeze,” and he wouldn’t move an inch until she said “go” and then we would fill up with cheeks with all her treats.

An evolved relationship.

Borjana and Charlie’s relationship evolved from one based on treats into one where Charlie would come just to sit with Borjana and enjoy her company, showing the strong bond of trust and understanding between them.

“He would sometimes sit next to me, just enjoy the nature , enjoy my company. He would not even take peanuts. It’s moments like those that are so touching to me. I don’t think I can explain it further, just how much that moment really means to me, and I’m sure to him as well.” – Borjana Anicin

This heartwarming relationship shows that friendship knows no bounds and can be found sometimes in the most unexpected places.

Click the video below to learn more about this adorable friendship!

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By Madison Maxwell
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Madison Maxwell is a contributor at SBLY Media.