Wild horses on the Outer Banks of North Carolina are proud to welcome 1st foal of the season
He's absolutely precious.
Michael Dabu

The spring season officially started in the USA just a few weeks ago. The start of this season was also the beginning of foaling season for wild horses’ that are endemic to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

In fact, just two weeks ago, the first-ever wild foal for this season was born and he’s nothing short of a spectacularly handsome four-legged beast.

Everyone, introducing the one and only – Charlie!

The first colt from the breed of North Carolina’s wild horses is a gorgeous one. He possesses an ombré of shiny cream color from his legs up to a darker shade of brown on his body.

On Charlie’s forehead is a notable white mark which is more known as a “star”.


The Corolla Wild Horse Fund (CWHF), a non-profit organization that specializes in the protection and care of wild horses shared the good news on its social media account.

On a Facebook post, they wrote, “Foaling season has officially begun! Welcome to the world, baby number one – a colt we are calling Charlie. 🥰”

A majestic horse in the making, but for now, he must be protected.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund fairly knew the irresistible beauty of Charlie. However, they still want to remind the public to understand the importance of not disturbing him and her mom in their natural habitat.

“Please remember to give mares and foals plenty of space. We really cannot stress this enough. It’s imperative that they have time to bond with each other, and stress can cause all kinds of issues with both mom and foal. If you are lucky enough to see them, please be respectful and responsible. Do not stop and get out of your vehicle, do not hover on top of them (50ft applies when you’re inside a vehicle too), and definitely do not approach, touch, or feed.”

Hundreds of people online welcomed the little horse!

Who could possibly resist this handsome foal?

Charlie will definitely grow and become a full-grown wild horse, but for now, a lot of people are enjoying his youth by watching him from afar.

One person even noticed that the mark on his forehead resembles a tornado. Well, the symbol somehow describes how horses, particularly the young ones, behave.


The wild horses, together with little Charlie run freely and are often spotted along the seaside. Sometimes, they also roam around and near the 700 homes within the area.

A Facebook user named Laura Marsden Brads even commented on Corolla Wild Horse Fund’s post after seeing the group of horses nearby.

“They were in our yard this morning! Heading out to see the sunrise and opened the door to their sweet family! So dark I could almost not see them, but I managed to get one pic. Best way to start the day! Welcome Charlie!!!! 🤎”

CWHF also encourages the public to help them in their purpose of protecting these wild horses.


“Your support helps us continue to protect and responsibly manage the Bankers here in Corolla so that Charlie and all the rest of the foals can grow up happy and healthy, and eventually have offspring of their own,” they wrote.

Anyone with a kind heart may drop their donation by visiting their website here.

Three years ago, they also spotted the first wild foal on Corolla Beach, watch the report in the video below.

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By Michael Dabu
Michael Dabu is a contributor at SBLY Media.