Orange Cat Has Absolute Best Reaction To Going To The Vet

January 3rd, 2019

Going to the doctor’s is no fun.

Does anyone really like waiting in a cold, uncomfortable waiting room, only to be called into a small office to be poked, prodded and questioned?

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If you’re sick or in need of medicine, you often don’t have much choice. But if we’re being completely honest, nobody likes going to the doctor’s— so why are we surprised that our pets hate going too?

Like humans, most animals cannot stand going to the vet.

Sometimes, Fluffy’s just sick or in pain, lacking the patience to deal with these new stressors. Perhaps it’s just a matter of not having been socialized enough.

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Whatever the case, most pet owners are familiar with their animal’s blatant attempts at avoiding the doc’s.

Recently, writer Ashly Perez went viral when she shared hilarious photos of her cat trying to avoid going to the vet.

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Ashly Perez/Facebook Source: Ashly Perez/Facebook

Like most pet owners, Perez knows that regular checkups are important— but her big orange kitty King James doesn’t seem to agree. In fact, King James disagrees to such an extent, that he will do just about anything to avoid having to go.

Unfortunately for King James, he didn’t think his plan all the way through…

“My cat did not want to be at the vet today,” wrote Perez on Twitter.

“So, he kept sticking his head in this trash hole. I died.”

Yes, little King James is doing the kitchen equivalent of burying his head in the sand. He wants no part of going to the vet’s and he will do anything in his power to stop it— even if the only thing in his power is to pathetically hide in a hole.

It’s unclear if the kitty thinks he’s being stealthy or has genuinely given up on his life.

Regardless. his moment of tragedy has made for many laughs. Seeing King James’ reaction inspired other pet owners to share photos of their pets avoiding the vet too:

Is your pet as dramatic as King James? Do they have a funny way of avoiding their check-ups too? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments!

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Source: Ashly Perez/Twitter