Kindhearted butcher turns his shop into a restaurant for stray animals in his town
Elijah Chan

Compassion toward animals is something all humans should learn.

This enables us to appreciate life and other living creatures while also filling our souls with fulfillment through good deeds.

Animal lovers from around the world show this love in different ways. Some adopt pets. Some establish rescue shelters. Some become conservationists. And others give their love in a way that’s available to them.

Ikram Korkmazer became an internet celebrity.

He is a butcher by profession but his social media accounts boast tens of thousands of followers. Are the prime cuts in his store that premium?

Apparently, they’re not there to buy steak or meat for roasting. People knew about his store because of his compassion and kindness toward hungry stray animals.

If you’re an animal lover, there’s a chance you’ve already seen his store.

He first went viral when a clip of him and a stray cat was uploaded on social media. The video shows how a cat politely props himself against the glass counter.

People seem to think that Korkmazer was introducing the cat to which a variety of prime cuts was available that day. Not only was the clip adorable, but it was also profound and heartwarming.

Yesim, the cat, eventually passed away.

However, this didn’t stop Korkmazer and his project. In fact, it only got bigger after Yesim’s passing. To where Yesim once stood is a figure to immortalize the cat’s memory.

And while his butcher shop still sold a wide variety of meat and cuts, it also became a restaurant for the starving strays of Turgutlu, Turkey.

He filled his social media accounts with videos of him feeding the strays.

One video showed him marching out of his store with a tray of spare cuts in one hand. Two dogs who were waiting outside quickly sprang up to their feet and greeted the butcher.

Then, they excitedly fed on the meat that was offered to them. His guests weren’t only dogs, though. Like Yesim, his store also attracted a following of cats.

You can see him slap a slither of meat against the glass so that cats can practice their hunting prowess. They’d swipe and jump to reach the treat, much like how Yesim did it once upon a time.

Besides following him on social media, people began sending donations as well.

Now, Korkmaser’s butcher shop caters to around twelve dogs and eight cats. Korkmazer even said that the animals were already waiting for him before he could open his shop.

The cats would come in while the dogs wait outside. He said he don’t keep the animals waiting long. His favorite customer is a cat he named “Sarikiz”. Just like Yesim, she acts like a customer. His fans on social media love her as well.

Stray animals have been a staple in Turkey and these animals rely on humans for food. During the pandemic, the government fed the strays as everyone else stayed at home to bunker down.

Watch how this butcher made his store a restaurant for strays.

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By Elijah Chan
Elijah Chan is a contributor at SBLY Media.