Boxer pup drops her favorite ball then throws adorable tantrum

February 20th, 2020

How would you react if were a dog and you dropped your favorite ball? That isn’t supposed to happen if chasing balls is one of your favorite activities. But it’s exactly what happened to the boxer pup in the video you’re about to see.

The pup’s reaction was something else and it made everyone smile!

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It’s my ball and I won’t lose it!

Believe it or not, there’s a whole science behind dogs and balls that explains why our favorite pets love to chase balls and play with them more than anything else. Dogs are natural hunters who began living together with humans thousands of years ago. Our ancestors use dogs to help them catch prey and old instincts don’t go away so easily!

Modern dogs, however, rarely go out hunting, so they need something else to do in order to satisfy their primal instincts. So instead of real, living prey, they chase… balls? Incredible, isn’t it?

Dogs can be pretty obsessed with playing with balls

Some dogs can become really obsessed with fetching balls and it may even get out of hand to the point when they want to play with a ball all day long! As we can see in the video, our boxer pup becomes moody when he loses the ball. He’s clearly sulking and the anger that’s building up inside him is about to burst out!

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He looks so disappointed it’s almost heartbreaking to watch him stare emptily at the camera because his favorite toy is missing!

Can I please get my ball back?

We don’t like to see our pets sad, no matter what. This boxer pup’s owner realized it’s time to do something and jump to save the day. When the pup got his ball back we immediately see a huge change in him. No more sulking! We see him rolling over in joy as if his moment of weakness never happened!

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Playing fetch with your dog is a perfect opportunity for bonding

There’s much more to playing fetch with your canine than you think. The activity is a perfect exercise for your dog, it’s the best way to satisfy his instincts and keep the canine entertained and active. It helps your pet channel his playful energy and last but not least, it’s also incredibly fun!

Remember, it’s in your dog’s nature to chase things and run around, so make sure you have time to play fetch.

All that you need is a ball

You can choose from a variety of dog balls available today, it can be anything from a regular rubber ball to a squeaky ball which is incredibly fun and dogs just love to play with it! Tennis balls are a classic and your dog will simply love to run around chasing it.

Spending quality time with your pet is all that matters, and playing fetch will only enhance the bond between you and your dog!

Watch the video below and see how the boxer pup reacted when it dropped its favorite ball! Don’t forget to like and share!

Source: YouTube