Every night Boxer has argument with mom about bedtime

February 21st, 2020

Have you ever seen a tired dog who just won’t go to bed? Roxanne has. In fact, she sees him every single night. This intelligent but sleepy dog spends his evenings begging his human mom to go to bed at the same time he does so he won’t have to go alone.

In a YouTube video that already has more than one and a half million views and forty-two thousand likes, he gives his best boxer argument. It’s actually pretty persuasive.

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Roxanne Miller via YouTube Source: Roxanne Miller via YouTube

A nighttime ritual

Since she wasn’t sure if people would believe her, Roxanne Miller just had to share video proof of what she goes through every night with her boxer.

She wrote on YouTube,

“He goes through this routine every night – the more tired he is, the more red his eyes are …. He doesn’t like to go to bed alone, he thinks I need to be there, so he can lay his head on my feet …. I’ve owned three boxers – this one is the smartest and most argumentative ….”

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Roxanne Miller via YouTube Source: Roxanne Miller via YouTube

And it is quite the ritual

He starts out by staring intently at his owner while she sits in her chair in the living room. When the staring doesn’t get him what he wants, he moves on to looking in the direction of another room hopefully. When that also fails, he comes up to Roxanne and gives an annoyed huff. This woman must be made of steel because she still doesn’t budge from her seat.

Realizing that he has to go to desperate measures, the dog begins to vocalize his irritation with a whine. When Roxanne asks him why he doesn’t just go to bed on his own, the response is a longer and more intense whine. He even barks at her and looks hopeful, his big eyes looking between her and the direction of his bed.

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Roxanne Miller via YouTube Source: Roxanne Miller via YouTube

He really does look tired by this point, with his eyes circled in red, but he keeps standing there giving his very articulate argument. He huffs and whines and jumps around a bit before sitting back down, defeated. He has pretty much decided that if she isn’t going to bed, then he isn’t going to bed.

However, the exhaustion eventually wins out and he turns around and walks into a room alone. We feel his pain.

Proof that dogs are absolutely lovable, even when they’re tired

The video has been re-uploaded to Facebook more than once, garnering it at least another half million views and even more likes.

The comments have been epic. We’ve also learned a few things from them, such as…

It’s not just a boxer thing. Apparently, dogs of all sizes refuse to go to sleep by themselves:

“My little chihuahua does the same thing. She’ll sit in the middle of the floor and stare at me until I agree to go to bed.”

– marks26th

“My Rottie does the same thing to me. Glad to see I’m not the only one. I always give in and go up to bed.”

– exHirsch13

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Roxanne Miller via YouTube Source: Roxanne Miller via YouTube

They’re also bed hogs:

“My boxer gets sleepy he goes and gets in bed. On my side lol. It’s a struggle to move him every night but it’s hilarious.”

– BubblyDayz

And, apparently, going to bed isn’t the only thing they argue about:

“Awwww now that is a lovely dog and such a typical boxer, they are so precise in what they want that they will argue over everything, love em.”

– RallyDon82

We agree – you’ve got to love them.

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Roxanne Miller via YouTube

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