Baby Sneaks Up To Serious Husky - Husky's Comeback Is Quickly Going Viral
These two are too adorable!
Ryan Aliapoulios

Although all dogs are adorable in their own way, huskies have a very distinct look of their own.

In addition to their stark white fur, they also have striking blue eyes and are often known for having lots of energy and being a little bit rambunctious. They typically need to spend lots of time outside with other big dogs to play with. For those reasons, some people may worry about having such an intense dog around little children, especially if they’re starting a family.

Fortunately, this video shows that huskies can be as gentle as can be when they need to.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

The clip shows a fully grown husky playing with a child who looks to be a little under a year old.

As it starts, the baby crawls across the carpet over towards the dog and tries to pet his fur. He can’t quite reach at first and crawls even closer. Right as the little boy gets his hand close to one of the husky’s ears, the dog stops standing so still. Instead, he does a quick but controlled roll upside down under the baby’s little arms.

Just like that, the husky’s head is under the baby’s—and he’s licking his face!

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

The moment is so cute that the camera operator starts laughing!

The baby and the dog continue playing together, with the little boy resting most of his weight on the husky while the dog remains submissive and playful. Though the two are wrestling—very, very gently—the husky never loses control or respect for the little child. The boy tugs at the dog’s fur and the dog paws the boy’s little hand away.

The boy even puts his hands in the husky’s mouth and the dog only gives the gentlest nibble!

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

The camera operator keeps laughing the entire time.

Though he was still watching the little boy, it’s clear that the husky understands how gentle and fragile the child is and that it’s his job to protect him. Towards the end of the video, the husky stays on his back and keeps giving the boy lots of kisses by licking him on the face. Above all, this video shows that new parents don’t have to be afraid that their dogs will get along with their babies, provided they are around to supervise.

And more than that, the video also shows how impossibly cute it is when a baby and a big dog play together!

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