Human Finds Homeless Kittens The 'Purrfect' Place to Sleep

April 11th, 2018

Is there anything better than falling into your comfy bed at the end of a tiring day? For most of us, our work days consist of waiting for that moment when we can finally go home and relax. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and your bed is the main appeal. Turns out, however, humans may not be the only ones with an affinity for our sleeping spots. The only thing the following two felines love more than each other is their cozy, IKEA cat bed.

Amelie and Canele are a brother-sister duo who started their lives without a home.

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It’s unclear what happened in their past, but there’s no doubt the times were rough. Luckily, when the siblings were located at 2-months-old, they were quickly adopted into the purrrrfect home.

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It was so amazing that Amelie and Canele were adopted as a pair. Petful, with cat behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennett, explains that the littermate bond is very critical— especially in rescue situations.

“The kittens have often lost their moms and are even too you to be away from their littermates […] If you adopt a paid, the socialization can continue and they can create security and comfort for each other.”

Amelie and Canele had depended on each other when they were alone in the streets, so it’s no surprise their bond continued to grow from there.

Amelie and Canele relied on each other for support. They explored their new home together and spent every nap cuddled side-by-side.

Good morning from Japan🌞 ①Canele and Amelie ‘s happy nap time. swipe➡ ②Sora is BIG brother♡ . . おはようございます♡ 3にゃんの距離が縮まってきた3日目の朝です。 1枚目: カヌレとアメリの幸せねんね。 スワイプして2枚目:そらにいちゃと同じお水を飲みたいふたり♡ . そらは2人にシャーをしなくなりました。 アメカヌの成長と、 そらのお兄ちゃんとしての成長を見られて、感動の連続です。 . 沢山の方からアドバイスや、メッセージを頂いて、心強いです。 ありがとうございます😿✨ . #そらお兄ちゃんになるの巻 . #そら #アメリ #カヌレ #茶しろ #みかんが幸せでありますように #保護猫 #猫変態を増やそうの会 #牛柄組鼻まわり汚れ隊 #ふわもこ部 #猫との暮らし #猫と暮らす #茶しろ #catvideo #ペコねこ部_すやすや

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Roughly a month after adopting Amelia and Canele, their family bought them a little surprise. It was a miniature version of a human cat bed, and it was just the perfect size.

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As soon as the siblings tried out their bed, they just couldn’t get enough. From that moment on, it was the only place they would sleep— cuddled in each other’s arms.

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Nowadays, the brother and sister are a little bigger and have bonded with their new brother Sora.

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No matter what they do, though, if you’re looking for them at nap time, you’ll still find them happily snuggled in their bed and each other’s arms.

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Amelie and Canele are an adorable pair; there’s absolutely no doubt about that. The furry family has even made a splash on Instagram, garnering more than 166,000 fans!

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