Woman finds the most adorable visitor napping in petals of a rose
I think anyone would be hard-pressed to find anything on the internet more precious than these photos. He looks so cozy that I'm jealous.
Elijah Chan

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on a flower?

This might be a strangely mundane question, as though nothing ever happens in our lives more interesting than whatever’s in a flower, but hear us out.

Flowers get fascinating visitors sometimes.

Pexels - H R
Pexels - H R

For those of us who keep flower gardens, one may find a bug or two inside the petals of our favorite flowers.

As for those who love receiving bouquets, it’s a good thing that the flowers don’t have anything inside them.

However, a Texas woman shared the most amazingly random thing she found inside a flower.

Uploaded on a photo-sharing website, user Cmycherrytree’s photo showed a rather unusual tenant in one of her plants.

A slumbering reptile

My daughter picked me a rose…

We can only imagine the surprise she received when she aimed her gaze down at the strange thing inside the flower she was smelling.

Curled up inside, was an anole lizard.

The lizard was small enough to fit inside the rose petals like it was some kind of five-star hotel service.

It looked so cozy and peaceful we couldn’t bear to disturb it.

We can’t blame the little guy, though. The blankets are soft and scented and only the occasional bees appear, then veer away once they see the flower is already occupied.

Anoles are small tree-dwelling lizards.

These species are related to Iguanas. They live in the warmer regions of the Americas like the Caribbean area.

While they do produce venom, it’s so weak that it’s considered harmless.

Anoles can grow to 12 to 45 centimeters. They also have similar appendages to geckos which help them stick to slick surfaces.

Pexels - Calvin
Pexels - Calvin

The one featured in the photo is a green anole lizard, which occurs in the southern part of the United States.

They love eating small insects like mealworms, fruit flies, house flies, and even termites.

People all over swooned at the anole.

They pointed out the comfort it must be feeling surrounded by shade and color.

Some of them even said that if they have the chance, they’d sleep in a flower, too. And who wouldn’t?

Pexels - Ludvig Hedenborg
Pexels - Ludvig Hedenborg

“I have no idea what it is about this photo that gets to me,” said one user on Reddit, “But this is absolutely the cutest thing I’ve seen this month.”

Cuteness found in flowers

Miles Herbert had the pleasure of capturing little critters in action while inside their tulip cups.

It’s really a child’s cartoon waiting to happen especially with all of this adorableness.

Tingnan ang post na ito sa Instagram

Isang post na ibinahagi ni Miles Herbert (@captivelight)

“’The mice love to eat the stamens and nectar from the flowers and enjoy climbing in and out of the tulips.” Herbert shared with the Daily Mail. “’Harvest mice are the smallest mammals in Europe that have a prehensile tail.”

Tingnan ang post na ito sa Instagram

Isang post na ibinahagi ni Miles Herbert (@captivelight)

This anatomical advantage helps these animals climb up flowers whenever they’re eating.

No matter the species, though, we can all agree on one thing.

These adorable snapshots can give us a new adoration for nature, especially when we realize how small critters use the smaller spaces of nature for nourishment or shelter.

Can we join?

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So when you go out smelling the flowers, be careful not to wake up the animal sleeping inside of it.

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By Elijah Chan
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