Dog Survives Scary Neck Surgery - Watch The Tearful Moment He Finds Comfort In His Owner's Arms
This dog is so grateful to be back with his human. <3
Ashley Brewer

A Labrador named Jack Daniel recently needed to have surgery to remove a lump beneath his ear. The moment he’s reunited with his owner again is one of the sweetest things you’ll ever witness.

Heartwarming footage of this precious pup and his emotional reunion was uploaded on Facebook recently. Since it was posted, the video quickly went viral. People couldn’t get over how special and sweet this moment was.

Jack Daniel was brought to the veterinary hospital to remove a suspicious lump on his upper neck, right below his ear. Thankfully, the surgery was a total success, and Jack Daniel was well-enough to go home.

Poke My Heart via Facebook
Poke My Heart via Facebook

After conquering the surgery like a champ, Jack Daniel couldn’t wait to be out of the scary hospital and back in the loving arms of his owner.

The video was filmed in Chennai, located in Eastern India; Jack Daniel and his owner are seen in a full, loving embrace on the floor of the animal hospital near the Christmas tree. The adorable dog has his furry paws clasped up on his owner’s shoulders, while his owner hugs him tightly, stroking his back to comfort him. It’s obvious that the adorable dog is so relieved to be back in his “happy place.”

Poke My Heart via Facebook
Poke My Heart via Facebook

The two of them hold each other tightly, making up for every moment they were apart. It was also a moment of relief because now, Jack Daniels had a clean bill of health, although he now has a scar underneath his ear. It was a priceless moment for both of them.

Let’s just say that the internet adored this precious moment and the love these two have for one another.

“This is absolutely lovely. This dog and owner are certainly lucky to have this kind of love for each other,” one Facebook user said about their emotional reunion.

“This is, by far, THE sweetest thing I have seen on the internet in ages. I hope the puppers is feeling better very soon,” commented another.

“Poor baby!!!! They sure love each other! Hope the little guy is doing better. Looks like such a great dog.”

Poke My Heart via Facebook
Poke My Heart via Facebook

The sweet dog’s owner can’t help but be moved by his dog’s overwhelming emotion. He sheds tears as he kisses his fur baby on his head.

The unforgettable video below is melting people’s hearts across the globe, and it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss.

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Labrador and Owner Hug After Surgery

Afer a scary surgery, this lucky pup is back in his owner's loving arms ❤️

Posted by Poke My Heart on Sunday, December 10, 2017

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By Ashley Brewer
Ashley Brewer is a contributor at SBLY Media.