In March 2020, things suddenly became very different for people all over the world. As the coronavirus spread, people were advised to stock their kitchens and stay home. The World Health Organization officially declared the coronavirus a pandemic, with cases seen in most countries around the globe.

In the United States, a national emergency was declared. Schools closed, bars and restaurants locked their doors, and gatherings of more than 10 people were prohibited. Meanwhile, companies made provisions wherever possible for their employees to work from home.

Social distancing, a modern term for “isolation,” takes some getting used to. For most people, it’s strange. Even when it goes well, there’s still an adjustment to make after being accustomed to going out every day. And in a time of crisis, people are learning how to appreciate the little things.

One bright spot about working from home is you get to spend all day with your pets. They’re used to seeing you leave in the morning. But now, they get to work alongside. In an effort to cheer each other up, people are taking to social media to share photos of their new “coworkers.”

Here are 75 of the best furry coworkers we’ve seen shared lately.